Letter to the Undergraduate Selection School Committee Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  570 Words
Date:  2022-10-25

I am applying to pursue a graduate certificate program in Organizational Design and Development for the fall 2018- semester. I have to say that it has been my longtime dream since when I was a little child in my lower school to be a designer and a developer. I am currently working in the Customer Service Field. It is through the passion and the drive that I have for the course that drives me to apply for the named courser.

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It is within my understanding the organizations continue to evolve, and their evolution calls for constant adjustments on how they can work towards the realization of their goals and objectives. I believe that the knowledge and skills that I will get from this institution will be of greater value both for my life and for the greater community. Markets and customers' requirements need serious personalities who will stand forth to address most of their issues as they seek towards the realization of their organizational goals.As an organizational designer, I look forth to focus on plans that will help mostly on the soft factors while at the same time not ignoring the causative agents of the organizational failures. I must say that I am someone who is dedicated and takes his studies more seriously. My ambition is to achieve the life goals that I hope will help me be a better person in the future. I believe on the principle that education is the key to success and I have to push on and work to achieve the goal. The ability that I have to do proper and more in-depth research and my love for the book is what has helped me to make the steps that I have managed to make in my life.

I believe that by securing a chance at this university, I am making a proper choice that I am sure will be helpful in my life and for the entire fraternity of the school. During my internship, I managed to participate in the development and design seminars in which I was able to interact with the great personalities who motivated me a lot and helped me understand the struggle to success. Besides, I must say that I am one of the individuals who are a forward thinker, someone who believes that success comes with struggles and making it at the top calls for perseverance, determination, and even hard work, which I believe are the fundamental traits for effective organizational development and design. I pose strong skills in teamwork skills given that I am someone who can work I individually or even as a team. I have excellent skills in an organization that I managed to gain through my experience and in my academic success. I also consider my strength to be in making analytical kind of judgments and making decisions that are helpful to the organizations and for other people that I work with.


It will be an honor if the University grants me a chance to further my career progression and personal development. I want to learn and explore more about organizational development and design. After having a chance to view many of the available Universities, I have come to realize that your institution remains the best option that I have to choose. I aim to put more effort into the course as I hope that you will consider my application.



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