Pros and Cons of a College Education Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-10

A college education is an opportunity whereby one is exposed to the details of the career of interest, by which the required knowledge and skills in specific fields are imparted into the students. In most cases, the college students are considered mature and are thus expected by the society to wield the best behavioral gestures alongside humanity and optimal utilization of the acquired knowledge and skills, coupled with life experiences, to better the situations in the societies they hail from. Alongside, the college also unifies characters from a broad base of backgrounds hence enabling the aspect of social interactions to be conducted. Hence, college can be seen to have some pros and cons. They are as brought out in the subsequent paragraphs, starting with the pros and finally bringing out the disadvantageous part of it.

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First, college enables one to get exposed to a wide base of cultural background. It is because one can meet with people from diverse regions, with varied character traits, as well as with various thoughts and opinions about general issues in life. In this case, one will be forced to interact with such people in the event; there is a curiosity to understand their ways of life. Through such sessions, one will get to understand d the reasons why various people act the way they do, as affected by the ways that they were brought up, their environments, their thinking patterns, as well as the types of opinions they have about them. It will thus bring about the appreciation of the diversity and the fact that not all the people are the same, thus offsetting the notion of superiority to other tribes based on varied socio-economic and political practices. Thus, college education brings about unity amongst partied from varied backgrounds,

Additionally, college education expands the thinking capacity of the participants. In this way, they shall have the capacity to view the challenges of life quite positively, such that they will develop approaches inclined towards solving them, for the betterment of the lives of humanity, now and into posterity. Besides, the widened individual thinking capacity makes one be able to devise various ways in life for survival, phasing out the effects of unemployment through the innovation of diverse tasks which need to be done in self-employment. Thus, a college education is essential in forging creativity.

However, a college education can have adverse effects on individuals and society in general. In college, one is exposed to people from diverse settings, thus getting tempted to learn from them, some of which can be harmful to human character. The spread of obnoxious characters such as smoking can lead to the production of ill-mannered individuals who cannot give back to society through acting as proficient role models as required. Thus, a college education can be detrimental in that way.

Finally, a college education can make people too arrogant. Such results when some people who have been quite educated start despising other people in the society who were unfortunate to access studies. It thus leads the development of social classes and stratifications which can be detrimental in forging unity, togetherness, and teamwork to approach life problems as a united front. Therefore, a college education can be harmful to brewing arrogant graduates.


In conclusion, a college education can both be good or bad as explained in the above explanations.

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