Problem Affecting University Students in Hong Kong Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20


Education plays a vital role in one's life; it is education that enhances one's mental capability enabling him or her to cope with the challenges that come along in life (Alphin, Chan, & Lavine, 2017). It is for this reason that most governments have prioritised education to ensure that they have brilliant individuals to run the government in the future. Training should prepare one to face and address challenges that affect an individual not only a personal life but also the country at large. Conversely, Hong Kong students face a severe issue one of which these works seek to illustrate.

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Specific Problem the Students Face

A good number of Hong Kong university students lack skills. University students are an investment to the society and the country at large; they are the ones to address the challenges facing the country. With the training these students go through, they are better than those who did not attain university education. However, in Hong Kong, most of the students concentrate on books and examinations; the job market does not only look at what the student scored but need to identify the skills that student acquired while in school, in short, our education system should be skill-oriented (Alphin, Chan, & Lavine, 2017).

Alphin stresses that university students from South Korea and Singapore are presumably better than Hong Kong university students; this is the truth of the matter considering the rampant suicide due to peer pressure among university students in Hong Kong. This issue needs to be addressed by educators. An effective way is by teaching these students to be independent in mind and hence don't be victims of peer pressure. Currently, some students in university are struggling with problems related to peer pressure, some of them end up taking their own life, the lucky one struggles to cope with post-university stress (Lai, & Cheng, 2016).

This effect can lead to other health complications such as depression and mental problems. Chine will become an ailing nation, and Hong Kong will not develop and attain its objectives which include addressing unemployment. To secure proper chances of employment, the students must train and prepare to be independent thinkers and to have a positive perception towards self; these two will ensure that our students become reliable people in the society and the country at large. Most students in Hong Kong lack this vital aspect in life; they ought to have the skills because it enables them to look at other persons' opinions objectively (Lai, & Cheng, 2016).

Role of Masters in Education in Combating the Problem

Teaching is one of the critical careers that ensures the positive transformation of one's life. Education is the only weapon that can fight poverty and ensure there is equality in the society; it is the leeway that could enable a young person from a less fortunate background to be equal with those from a well-off background. As a teacher, I ought to have essential life skills that will enable me to prepare these students before going to university. Secondary education is as important as university education; this is because it plays a crucial role in developing the student to be independent. A good number of educators in high school seem to lack some of the skills, by pursuing Master Education, I will be better to address this menace affecting our students such as peer pressure.

Studying Master Education will enable me to have a different perception towards teaching. Instead of concentrating on paperwork; it will allow me to focus on life education because life education aims at nurturing students to have an understanding that life is what matters, all the other issues are but the means and that challenges are there to harden them and should not be the course of them taking their precious life. It will enable me to make sure that education at the end of the day should positively contribute towards human existence and improve the quality of life. Higher education will be meaningful, those pursuing higher education will be considerate, respected and respectful (Alphin, Chan, & Lavine, 2017).


Pursuing a Master in Education will help equip me to be a better educator who will prepare students to face the realities of life and come out from their comforts. Making students and providing them with essential skills will help them be independent and hence avoid being swayed into doing things that would negatively affect their learning while at the university.


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Lai, C. K., & Cheng, E. W. (2016). Green purchase behaviour of undergraduate students in Hong Kong. The Social Science Journal, 53(1), 67-76.

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