Lesson Plans With IEP Goals for Early Childhood Education

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Date:  2022-06-20

Early childhood professionals require using effective guidelines to overcome the inherent challenges in writing goals for preschoolers especially individuals with special educational needs. The lesson plan focuses on drawing the appropriate instructional activities following the general curriculum covering writing, reading and arithmetic knowledge. Learners with special and exceptional educational needs require inclusion in a mainstream learning environment with the cautious prior planning of the instructional process and individualized oriented goals (Christle, 2010). Certain strategies are necessary for early childhood educators to ensure proper and inclusive individualized Education Plans are incorporated into the early childhood instructional process preparation.

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Initially, an educator requires knowing his or her students at the individual level for specific planning. Using the special education resources teachers require putting into considerations the specific services and minutes each student receives during an instructional process. This strategy helps accommodate and modify available resources and learning time to suit the individual learners (National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center, 2011). Secondly, implementation of the Universal Design for Learning in ensuring curriculum planning and mapping to engage the accessibility of learning facilities to a wider coverage of learners especially those with different strengths and needs. Thirdly, it is important to support important life skills as an essential strategy to incorporate learners with special needs into mainstream educational environment enhancing simple life tasks fit for survival. Fourthly, collaborative planning and teaching engage the learners to open learning system. Using this strategy teachers need to engage in exposing learners to think open-mindedly on the idea. Lastly, the teacher requires developing a strong plan for behavioral management. Teaching Special needs learners to control the classroom environment and communicate expectations and goals accessible to all learners equally (Losardo & Notari-Syverson, 2011). In conclusion, developing a lesson plan for early childhood education requires integration with individualized education programs to ensure learners with special needs are all catered for in ensuring inclusive learning environment in mainstream classrooms.


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