Essay Example: Accessibility Issues for Disabled Students on College Campuses in 2018

Date:  2021-09-01 10:54:42
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Kindly mention some of the accessibility issues you face on campus and how do they impact your learning process. What are the possible solutions to the accessibility issues and will they impact your learning process positively? Have you been in a situation to attend a sporting event or join a club but you have difficulties reaching such areas? How did you get there with assistance of nobody?

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Research Question: Has ADA Really Worked?

Population to Sample: Disabled College Students in Lancaster, California

Antelope Valley Campus

CSUB-AV Campus

Ages: 18 years old and older

The project will be both exploratory and descriptive. I will be exploring the physical challenges related to access to buildings, rooms and other services. I will also be describing the lack of access for participation in sports and other college related activities.

This topic was chosen because I am a member of the disabled population and have experienced barriers to accessing buildings, bathrooms etc. In addition, I have experienced difficulties participating in sporting activities as a team member and as a spectator due to issues related to mobility and access.

I would hope that my research would be able to add to the already published research on accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This area of sociology had been investigated. I would like to explore whether or not the provisions of ADA have been fully implemented on college campuses, and the impact on disabled students on campuses that have not fully integrated these provisions.

I would like to shed light on how public institutions that receive government funding have overlooked critical accessibility issues. I believe that this is a social injustice towards a particularly vulnerable group, and that the law was passed to correct this injustice, but fine points of social interaction and inclusion remain un addressed.

I will be using face-to-face interviews and field observations. I am choosing these methods because the topic requires descriptive information to fully understand the issue, and face- to -face interviews to allow respondents a voice. I feel this is an appropriate topic for Qualitative Research because I believe that non- disabled persons are determining what is workable for differently abled persons which results in them missing critical quality of life and inclusion issues.

Questions for the interview

Kindly mention colleges or institutions that have taken thoughtful efforts to eliminate architectural barriers from the university/college environment in order to make it reachable to the students with special needs?

In which ways do you think the quality of education disabled students receive is different from the normal students in an institution with no proper accessibility to learning areas for the disabled?

What do you think is the action that should be taken to institutions that have poor access to the learning resources for the disabled students?

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