Problems of the Male Reproductive System

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Date:  2022-03-10

For the continuity of a species of living organisms, reproduction is necessary. Reproduction refers to the process by which living things give rise to young ones of their own kind. Reproduction is the major difference between living and non-living organisms. The human reproductive system can be divided into two major categories i.e.:

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  • the male reproductive system;
  • the female reproductive system.

The male system produces gametes i.e. sperm cells which fertilize the female sex cells known as an ovum. Other functions of the male reproductive system include the production of male sex hormones, the introduction of sperm into the female reproductive tract during coitus among others. Although the reproductive system is necessary for the continuity of a species, it is not necessary to keep the individual alive. It should however not be mistaken not to be necessary. In males, their reproductive system is largely exposed with most features located to the exterior unlike in females where most of the features are internal. Each feature is specially adapted to its function.

Functional features of the male reproductive system include:
  • Penis - a cylindrical shaft containing erectile tissue for introducing sperm into the vagina during intercourse.
  • Scrotum - a loose bag of skin found behind the penis contains testicles at a lower body temperature compared to the rest of the body.
  • Testicles - oval-shaped organs found in the scrotum responsible for the production of spermatozoa and the male hormone testosterone.
  • Vas deferens - tubing connecting the epididymis to the urethra. It Carries sperm to the urethra from the testes during ejaculation.
  • Ejaculatory ducts - formed by the union of the vas deferens and seminal vesicle ducts transferring content into the urethra in an ejaculation.
  • Urethra - tube located in the penile shaft, carries urine from the bladder and sperm into the vaginal canal during sex.
  • Seminal vesicles - glands found near the bladder responsible for the production of a sugar-rich component aiding in the motility of sperm cells.
  • Prostate - a gland surrounding the urethra and bladder that is responsible for the production of the prostate fluids necessary for sperm cells nourishment.
  • Epididymis - a tubing found behind the testicles. Functions include storage and transportation and collection of immature sperm from the testicles.
  • Cowper's glands - these glands release a clear fluid that reduces urine acidity in the urethra creating a suitable medium for the semen to flow in during ejaculation.

As one advance in age, there are various changes that occur gradually in the male reproductive system. At puberty, male individuals start producing sex hormones that are capable of siring a child. Before adolescence, the sexual organs are usually underdeveloped and are incapable of producing viable sex cells. However, this changes at puberty and the organs start developing to achieve maximum functionality. In most men, adolescence begins at age eleven to nineteen but may vary from individual to individual depending on their hormones, diet and general upbringing. By age twenty the process is nearly complete and the person is already full sexually developed.

Unlike women, the sexual reproductivity of men is not affected by issues such as menopause. Men are prone to and encounter problems associated with penis and testicles. Viability may continue up to later stages in life where combined with various factors such as aging, a condition that known as andropause may kick in. Before this, most men remain virile and can still produce offsprings. The volume of the ejaculate remains the same irrespective of age the only difference being the amount of sperm in the semen. Another change that could come with age is a lower sex drive, i.e. reduced libido. The sexual response becomes less intense and slower. External factors contributing to this could include social issues, illness, psychological changes or lack of a willing partner.

Advancement in age significantly affects the potential reproductive past an absolute age limit. As the body is prone to wear, so are the sexual organs. For instance, the seminal vesicle, prostate gland and the epididymis may lose some of the surface cells thereby reducing functionality. Fertility gradually decreases as the sperm ducts become less elastic a condition referred to as sclerosis thereby impeding flow during ejaculation. The production rate of the male reproductive gametes also drops significantly thus reducing the sperm count in an ejaculation. Changes in the urinary function get also experienced with age. Also attributable to the reducing functionality in these organs, some prostrate tissues get replaced with scar-like muscles which may lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP). This consequently leads to complications such as slower urination and ejaculation.

Maintaining a healthy reproductive system is essential for any male because apart from ensuring a person's ability to remain sexually viable it can also assure a properly functioning sex life. The importance of a healthy sex lifestyle is needless to emphasise on. Most dysfunctional marriages today have sex as the primary factor contributing to the conflict at hand. Most couples find it hard to maintain a healthy sex life challenged with their daily social requirements. This could, however, get avoided if various health-promoting activities got observed that would help keep the system in an excellent working condition.

Regular exercise has been proven beneficial to most body systems the reproduction included. Exercise helps to keep organs functioning at their optimum and also maintains them at a proper working condition. When people hear about exercise, they get put off by the idea of strenuous activities they are required to take part to achieve fitness. Some activities that may help achieve the healthy wellbeing of the reproductive system include jogging, weight lifting, sit-ups, yoga, muscle stretching among others. However, physical exercises must not necessarily be hard and tiring. Other alternatives could have the same effect with less effort required. For instance, a walk in the park could be regularly practised as an exercise. Although oblivious to most, walking is as good an exercise just like the ones listed above. Swimming is another workout that can help improve one's sexual health or maintain it at a functional optimum. Men should, therefore, observe their daily routines and ensure that they are in a good physical condition for a properly functioning reproductive system.

Apart from a regular workout, diet is another essential factor to consider for a healthy reproductive system. Most nutritionists say we are what we eat. A proper nutrition is vital to providing the required nutrients for the nourishment of the organs involved. Production of sperm involves protein which can get acquired from the diet we take. For arousal and good erections vitamins and other elements are required. Combined with a good workout, these two aspects would be useful in promoting the health of the system.

When it comes to health matters, most people look up to their doctors and nurses for guidance and advice on how to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle. This consequently shows that these professions are vital in the health wellness of their patients. Nurses can therefore positively influence their patients together with those who visit them for health advice and recommendations. For instance, nurses could start help care organisations in the hospitals they get situated in whereby they could guide patients on how to take care of their reproductive system best. For example, they could provide them with guidelines on how to best take care of themselves, how to avoid bringing harm or damage to these delicate organs. Nurses could also offer their patients regular check-up sessions to make sure that they are in a good state of health.

Nurses should also be on the lookout for their patient's wellbeing. For example, if a patient came in for a different reason to the hospital say, a colonoscopy, and the nurse observed that something was amiss with the patient's reproductive system. They should be quick to point it out to the patient so as to ensure that the necessary precautionary measures are taken to curb the identified situation before it is too late. By so doing, ailments of this system can be detected and treated when there is still time which is a health advantage given that most diseases are much easier to manage in the early development stages. However, not all responsibilities should get placed on the nurses. Individuals could also get trained on how to look out for any ailment symptoms and seek medical attention immediately.

The male reproductive system is prone to attack by various diseases. Some are chronic while others are mild and can get treated with relative ease. They may get classified as either scrotum, epididymis and testicles disorders (Testicular injury, Varicocele, Testicular cancer, Epididymitis, Hydrocele and Inguinal hernia) or penis disorders (Inflammation of the penis and Hypospadius). Some of the diseases listed under the primary system include:

  • Testicular injury - even small damage to the gonads can cause extreme agony, wounding, or swelling. Most testicular wounds happen when the tests get struck, hit, kicked, or smashed, ordinarily amid sports or because of other injuries. Testicular torsion, when one of the balls contorts around, removing its blood supply, can likewise happen to some folks. It's a significant issue that necessities restorative consideration, yet fortunately it's not normal.
  • Varicocele -This is a varicose vein (a strangely swollen vein) in the system of veins that keep running from the gonads. Varicoceles regularly occur when a person is experiencing adolescence. A varicocele usually is not dangerous, in spite of the fact that in a few people it might harm the gonad or lessening sperm creation, thereby it necessitates for a person to see his specialist if he's worried about the change in their testes.

A testicular tumor gets also referred to as cancer of the testicles. This is a standout amongst the most well-known diseases in men below the age of 40. It happens when cells in the gonad separate inconsistently and lead to the development of a tumor. The testicular illness can spread to different parts of the body. However, if it's identified early, the cure rate is astounding. All folks ought to do testicular self-examinations frequently to help with early discovery.

Epididymitis is an aggravation of the epididymis, the twisted tubes that join the testicles with the vas deferens. It is typically caused by contamination, for example, the sexually transmitted illness chlamydia, and results in agony and swelling beside one of the balls.

An inguinal hernia. Occurs when a part of the digestion tracts pushes through an abnormal opening or debilitating of the stomach divider and into the crotch or scrotum, it gets known as an inguinal hernia. A hernia may resemble a lump or swelling in the crotch region. It can get adjusted with a medical procedure.

Irritation of the penis also referred to as inflammation of the penis exhibits symptoms ranging from; penile irritationand, redness, tingling, swelling, and nuisance.

Balanitis is the point at which the glans (penis head) gets inflamed. The symptoms include itching, redness, swelling and all these get accompanied with pain.

Posthitis is prepuce aggravation, which is more often than not because of a yeast or bacterial disease.

Hypospadius is a condition in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis, not at the tip.

Various male genital issues have different exposing factors. However, there are some necessary things that may increase a person's likelihood of infection. Ha...

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