Personal Statement for CRNA Program

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Date:  2022-05-16

This Personal Statement, penned by a North Shore University graduate who accomplished the CRNA program, serves as a candid insight rather than an exemplary guide to crafting your CRNA Personal Statement for Nurse Anesthetist Programs. So, this CRNA personal statement example aims to aid aspiring students, presented in its original form, with all grammatical idiosyncrasies intact. Use this example for inspiration and as an opportunity to look at another student's work.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Choosing NorthShore University
  2. Pursuit of Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist
  3. Qualifications and Experiences
  4. Alignment with NorthShore's Mission
  5. Conclusion: Long-term Goals and Future Endeavors
  6. References


The value of quality education in the nursing profession cannot be gainsaid. Since I took up nursing as a professional practice, my key objective has been to secure a position with a stable hospital where I can continue to build my nursing skills for my mutual benefits and for the benefit of humanity. Furthermore, my dream in life has been to one day become the best anesthetic nurse ever. However, I understand the fact that to achieve my professional or career goals and dreams, I need to secure a position in a school that provides the best learning opportunity and experience and imparts students with the relevant skills. Based on my research, I have come to the realization that NorthShore University HealthSystem will provide me with the best opportunity to accomplish and realize my career and life goals a nurse anesthesia by pursuing a degree in Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Pursuit of Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

One of the main reasons I have chosen to pursue a DNP in a nurse anesthesia at NorthShore University is to help me achieve my goal of becoming the best anesthetic nurse. I have realized that NorthShore University has one of the best CRNA study programs for nursing students and hence I believe that joining this school will contribute significantly towards the achievement of my educational, professional, and career objectives. Furthermore, pursuing a DNP degree at this institution will help me achieve a high-level leadership position in nursing and clinical systems and help meet the high demand for CRNAs in the country. According to Farmer (2016), CRNA nurses play the role of ensuring that patients survive surgery without complications and hence their critical performance puts them at a better position in terms of career advancement and better pay. Research shows that nurses who have pursued the DNP degree course and earned a doctorate degree are in high demand due to the growing need for highly trained anesthetic nurses as the population ages (Farmer, 2016). Most importantly, I believe that pursuing this degree will enable me to contribute to the improvement of the quality and outcomes of care in future when I become a full practicing anesthetic nurse.

Additionally, because a DNP degree focuses on clinical practice-oriented leadership training, pursuing the CRNA program at NorthShore University will equip me with the relevant leadership, advanced specialist, and scholarly research skills that will come in handy in my future professional practice as a CRNA nurse. Apart from career goals accomplishment, I have also decided to pursue a DNP in nurse anesthesia because I believe I have the personality traits that are necessary for successfully navigating through this challenging course. For instance, due to self-motivation and the ability to manage stress, I am convinced that I have what it takes to go through the program.

Moreover, I have decided to pursue a CRNA program at NorthShore University because I have the required qualifications. According to Farmer (2016), some of the qualifications for application as a CRNA nurse include at least one year of critical care nursing experience, an active RN licensure, and a bachelor's degree in nursing or the equivalent. As reflected in my resume, I have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the MS Ramaiah Institute of Nursing and Research, Bangalore, India. I also possess an RN License from the IL Board of Nursing. My other certifications include CCRN, CVRN, CPR, PALS, ACLS, PICC, PICC Advanced, and Wound Care. My professional and work experience also puts me in a better position to apply for this program since I have acquired relevant skills and knowledge through this previous experience. Previously, I have worked at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora from 2013 to the present day. Here, I work as a House Manager/Nurse Administrative Supervisor and I have acquired skills such as report preparation skills, rapid response management skills, and leadership, and professional skills.

I have also worked as a House Supervisor at Norwegian American Hospital in Chicago, IL, where I acquired similar skills. Also, my experience working as an ICU Patient Care Manager at Presence Provena St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet equipped me with patient data management skills, clinical records review skills, and information management and technology skills. Furthermore, during my previous work at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital as an On-Call Administrator and at Presence Holy Family Medical Center as a Staff Nurse/Supervisor/ Wound Care Nurse, I have acquired nursing leadership and practice skills, patient or hospital safety skills, and professional supervision skills. Armed with these skills, I strongly believe that pursuing a DNP in nurse anesthesia at NorthShore University will not only be a smooth sail for me but also give me an upper hand in terms of learning and mastering the course content.

Alignment with NorthShore's Mission

My personal and professional strengths fit with the school's mission in that they all entail the improvement of human life by caring for those in pain and in need of anesthetic care and attention. NorthShore University's primary mission is the preservation and improvement of human life (NorthShore University HealthSystem, 2018). The school aims to achieve this mission by providing innovative research, academic excellence, and superior clinical care. The institution also considers its staff and graduate medical students as valuable assets that need development and cultivation. My professional experience and background align with this mission because they give me a head start in terms of the clinical skills and knowledge that I need for my future career and for this course.


What is more, my short term and long term professional goals include to secure a position in a stable hospital, pursue a CRNA program, contribute towards the improvement of human life, and to become the best anesthetic nurse ever. Securing a position with a stable hospital will enable me to continue building my nursing skills while pursuing a CRNA program will equip me with relevant skills for achieving this goal. Armed with the skills, knowledge, and experience obtained from the course and work, I will be able to become the best anesthetic and hence contribute to the improvement of human life. Finally, the possible ideas for the DNP cumulative scholarly leadership project addressing healthcare disparities, nursing leadership practice transformation, evidence-based advanced nursing practice, nursing advocacy, and quality improvement.


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NorthShore University HealthSystem. (2018). Our mission. Retrieved April 24, 2018, from

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