Personal Statement for Transfer Admissions for the Accounting Course

Paper Type:  Admission essay
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Date:  2022-09-22

"The bigger the risk, the greater the reward" is my mantra and this is my guiding principle in life because I believe that the end justifies the mean. My talent and interest in working with numbers need to be horned and there is no better place to nurture my numeracy skills to be an accountant that your school. Over the past few years, I have undertaken several risky ventures but the most important lesson I realized was the importance of financial probity and attention to details. These are some of the reason why decided to pursue a course in accounting to help me achieve the career goals that I have worked on steadfastly since my middle-high school days.

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I want to become an accountant to help myself and other people with their accounting problems. Completing a course in accounting would provide me with the competencies to analyze financial data and positively influence decisions at home, work and in the community. Additionally, my desire to pursue masters in accounting degree has been influenced by my entrepreneurial father who is the CEO of a private company he founded and has operated for over two decades. I fell in love with his diligence and integrity and this is the same qualities I would like to develop under his tutelage but I there is no better way to work with him other than working as an accountant in his firm.

Since childhood I have enjoyed Math and loved problem-solving skill, I naturally developed a liking for accounting not because it was easy but because I loved challenges. I started to get more interesting in accounting. The school had clubs for all subjects and joined the business clubs where we were exposed to various concepts in accounting. The core of the club's discussion was on principle and practices of business. I realized that most of the club member didn't have the idea that the importance of accounting. I studied accounting at college and learned a lot about the specific theories, knowledge and rules. Whenever I've studied accounting more deeply, I realized that there is the relationship between the key operational flows of the organization.

I find myself the perfect fit for the accounting course offered by your school because I already have some background in accounting concepts. For example, I have working experiences in key accounting areas such as taxation, financial accounting, and the principle of accounting, regulatory and institutional frameworks in accounting. I also have the drive necessary for navigating your school's rigorous accounting program. I also have a number of projects in my portfolio that exposed me to the need for accounting knowledge. For example, when I was in high school, I took a business class for 2 years which I easily aced. Some of the core modules included business management, marketing, organization structure, and accounting. I have reviewed the schools accounting curriculum and I am pleased to say that the course structure is comprehensive and covers almost all the areas in which I wanted to develop my skill further. For example, financial decision making, applied statistics for business decision, financial accounting are some of the key areas in which I wanted to improve my skills. I have also developed a keen interest in corporate financial reporting and financial statement analysis and I have confirmed that your rigorous school programs offer these modules. In this world of changing technologies, I have realized that new technologies such as block chain and information systems would disrupt the accounting profession that is why I find your schools module on contemporary issues in accounting, auditing and assurances a perfect course for me as federal taxation, computer based accounting information system and business taxation would be significantly shaped by the advances in technologies.


Finally, there is no better place to pursue my degree in accounting than a world class university with international focus such as yours. Completing my degree on your school would improve my e employability because a degree from your schools is highly recognized for the rigor. Your schools also boast of the most competent and seasoned lecturers from whom I would like to benefit it is my hope that my humble request shall meet your kindest consideration.

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