The Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Project Evaluation Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-15

Course Purpose and College Competencies

This course seeks to develop critical thinking and research skills by applying previous lessons and acquired knowledge in nursing in a project that applies nursing knowledge to a nursing scenario such as evidence-based practice. College competencies refer to the basic knowledge and skills that one requires to complete certain course outcomes. The college competencies include:

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Aesthetic Appreciation (AAC)

AAC is a college competency that means the ability of as a student to be able to engage and interact constructively with creative work as a transformative experience that is based on a complex and multilayered experience,

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Problem-solving is a college competency that gives one the ability to examine and interpret information with the aim of establishing deductive reasoning which can be used to create factual and logical arguments.

Professional Skills

The professional skills competencies refer to the interpersonal skills that allow one to work in a team through the pursuance of excellence and recognition of diversity that exists in the workplace.

Communication Skills and Information Literacy

Nursing requires one to be able to communicate and also understand information from different perspectives and also to create arguments in both oral and written forms. On the other hand, information literacy is the practical skills required to manipulate data and technology which is used to store, transmit and search information.

Community Orientation and Citizenship

The COC competency is the ability to identify and appreciate the communities and different environments while recognizing their differences at both local, national and international level and a sense of service to the communities as a social responsibility of a nurse.

Global Awareness

Global awareness is a nursing competency that is based on the ability to recognize the different cultures, values, and identities held by different people in different regions. Global awareness competency requires a nurse to be aware of the different religions and spiritual based traditions help by different people and how they impact nursing service delivery.

Scientific and Technological Skills

This competency involves awareness of technology and different uses of technology and how technology affects research, ethics, and social awareness of the impact of technology. This competency requires nursing students to manipulate technology

Strategies to Meet Course Objectives

Nursing course objectives work towards creating greater competency in the identified competency areas which increases one's ability to deliver care and also assess a nursing problem and create an evidence-based solution towards the nursing problem. Critical thinking, interactive learning, and concept-based learning are strategies that can be used to help achieve nursing course objectives. These strategies allow a systematic and creative approach to planning learning to ensure holistic learning that helps achieve all the necessary nursing competencies. The concept based learning approach helps one to take a more aggressive and direct role in active learning which promotes learning, retention and later use of information which is necessary for evidence-based care. Unlike the traditional, content-based learning concept-based learning and interactive learning allows critical thinking which helps nursing students to understand nursing issues better.

Most Appealing Project

The most appealing project at this time for me is the evidence-based practice based on my current occupation in the nursing practice. Evidence-based practice project can help improve the outcomes in my practice because it encourages the use of research and proven knowledge in nursing decision making which is a necessity in my practice according to nursing guidelines.

Instructor's Role in the Completion of Course Requirements

An instructor plays a significant role in the planning and the implementation of the learning processes to achieve the required learning outcomes. An instructor can help to achieve the course requirements by providing experience-based guidance on different resources that can be used to achieve the course competencies. Besides, an instructor can tailor learning activities to meet the special needs of the nursing students which can improve the overall learning experience and outcomes by creating convenience.

Questions of Concerns

My primary concern regarding the nursing course is the detailed direction towards the facilitation of the project from the instructor who can help elaborate and clarify the requirements of the project.

Types of Capstone Project

Clinical practice, political activism and transformation of healthcare, evidence-based practice, and community-based project are amongst the most common capstone projects.

Clinical Practice

Clinical practice project advantage is that it involves direct involvement in direct nursing practice with students which helps to expose learners to different nursing practices such as evidence-based care, electronic health systems, care planning, clinical documentation and patient-centered care practices. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that nursing students do not have enough time for clinical practice.

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice advantage is that it gives a nursing student an opportunity to choose a nursing problem facing a particular population and help to promote better nursing practices based on research. The cons of this capstone project are that many gaps in research pose a significant threat in evidence-based practice capstone projects.

Community-Based Project

The pros of the community-based project are that it can be used to improve the nursing care for a particular group of people. On the other hand, its cons are that it is time-consuming.

Political Activism and Transformation of Health Care

The pros of the project are that it can be used to influence and understand care policies and legislation while the cons is that the change of policies is time-consuming because of the bureaucracy and different stakeholders required to facilitate the legislation.

Final Capstone Choice

Evidence-Based Practice with a partner is my most desired project. The evidence-based practice capstone project will be on the approaches to address patient falls amongst the elderly patients. This capstone is informed by my current occupation which needs evidence-based care and working with the seniors can help address the nursing problem of patient falls which can improve the life and care of the seniors.

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