Essay Example on Apple's Success in China: Merits of Following Procedures

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Date:  2022-12-29


When a company follows the required procedures including the proper behavior for the employees and other workers, then whatever follows is the fruit of the excellent work. Examples of the merits are dynamics of the products where the Chinese achieved earnings from high sales of Apple devices after the brand changed to luxurious. The Apple Company had its products fastest developed in China as a result of the contract that made China be part of manufacturers. The Apple Company began experiencing change due to digital products for example movie cameras. The launch of new digital products such as computers served as a competition which made the company aim towards achieving more than just ordinary products.

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The Apple Company launched environmental initiatives in the supply chain which also included China to concentrate on China's importance. Strategic management guides on what the company will be doing and the actions that it will take to satisfy the customers. The company should asses the environment it is situated to identify the opportunities, threats changes that were made in position and drivers contributed to the success of the Apple Company. Crawford ( 8) states that a company should also be able to observe the environment because it is from the observations that they can plan for their practices to meet the demands of customers.

Taboola (2019) states that social responsibility is a concept that is related to ethics which deals with moral duties and obligations; it is influenced by factors such as religion. The main point of having this kind of ethics is to ensure that the businesses follow ethics not only for profit interests but promote the interests of other people. The responsibility varies from the employees to the other stakeholders of the Apple Company. Most individuals have put the responsibility first to maintain the proper working standards and maintain a proper environment for the customers.

The Missteps

Although the common challenge that their products are way too expensive makes it hard for some people to purchase their products. Other problems that may have been encountered include labor protests, threats of mass suicide, explosions in the manufacturing place and death relating to work complications are just some of the challenges that they face. There are also people who try to copy others end up making counterfeit products, and others copied the image of Apple products. Apple was paid damages after Samsung copied the brand image.

There are also fake Apple stores that were in China, and there was also resale of actual Apple Products. The company ended up having to manage the products to ensure that they are aware of all dealers and shops that they had with a specific color for dressing for the staff operating in the shops. However, some still can access the t-shirts with the logo even with the measures that Apple takes. Also limiting the number of shops do not help because they find like 30 stores within a region with the same logo but with counterfeit products being claimed to be from Apple Company. One of the people with the unauthorized shops claimed that it would be time to a change and switch to other brands since most customers are now keen to fake Apple products.

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