Personal Statement for Law School Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

As a young boy, it was always difficult for me to rightly identify what I wanted to do when I grew up. Parents and teachers all alike always asked this question with great intention as it gave direction as to how one could achieve the said vision. Indeed, I found it difficult to answer and always gave a different answer every instance this question was asked. Today I would be a pilot, tomorrow a doctor, the next day a teacher and eventually a lawyer. These were the go-to careers for most children as we all presumed these were the most fulfilled individuals in life.

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However, as I grew up, I became more worried because I was yet to identify what I wanted to be. It was not until in my later years of primary school and high school that I realized that I had a knack for debate as I found it fun to interact and engage in arguments with most of my peers. So much so that I headed the debate club in high school and beyond to greatness. It is at this point that my parents, teachers and fellow students indicated that I could do well in law as it encompasses such tendencies and habits. On personal reflection, I realized that they were actually correct because I enjoyed law and issues to do with law and indeed, I could pursue it as a career. As such, I purposed to do all that I can to ensure that I would achieve my dream and indeed, this statement is a testament to this.

My name is *******, a 27-year-old young man who is hell-bent on pursuing law to the highest point possible and become the best there is. Joining your law school is a dream for me and a step towards achieving my goals and desires in the field of law. I am a Saudi citizen who is passionate not only in matters to do with law, but I am also interested in helping out in the society through volunteer activities among other activities. It will be a dream and something I am looking forward to with great enthusiasm about joining your school.

I completed high school with high GPA scores that made it possible for me to move forward into university to pursue my dream course. While at the high school, I was also able to get honors and awards in various departments in the school from the debate club, sports activities (I participated in soccer at the school) as well as other volunteer activities. These were able to mold me and nurture me into a responsible individual, and I can attest that through these, I have been able to handle certain aspects in life with a greater sense of responsibility.

From high school, I moved on to King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah where I pursued my Bachelor's degree in law. I was able to learn a lot from my time in college, and it was at this stage in life where I truly captured and confirmed what I wanted to do in life. I am glad that I chose this career path as it is what I was born to do. During my time here, I was a leader of the Al-Mawhiba Centre's training committee. I was also one of the leaders of the Altfawq Club's Media Committee. These were responsible for building my career as well as create networks and relationships with other like-minded individuals which is important for career development. I completed my university education and earned my Bachelor's degree having grown both as a law activist as well as an individual.

After university at Saudi Arabia, I moved on to the US where I enrolled in the Syracuse University to pursue a Masters in Law. At Syracuse University, I was able to be involved in various activities such as being the Vice-President of the Saudi Students Organization at Syracuse. It was a learning moment as well as an area of growth as I was able to interact with people from Saudi Arabia who were facing particular challenges away from home. I was hell-bent on helping to ensure these individuals got the best help that they could while living in another country.

I moved back to Saudi Arabia and pursued a Diploma of Law Consultancy at the Arabic Academy for Science and Technology. I also worked for different television channels as a TV reporter and presenter which also widened my scope and understanding of other areas that was also interesting to me and my career. I have also been a practicing lawyer and legal counsel. My diploma of law consultancy also afforded me the opportunity to be a consultant at international arbitration.

Even with all these, still, dream of achieving even greater things in the future revolving around my education as well as career. For one, I hope to complete my Ph.D. studies. It is something that I am indeed pursuing with great intent and desire. I also hope to be more involved in teaching and training within this area of study and pass on what I have acquired over the years to future generations. Furthermore, I am also hopeful of opening and establishing a high-level volunteer team that is going to serve the community in the field of law and human rights. Helping people is the biggest calling in the world, and all that we do is all for helping fellow man.

Individually, my hobbies are simple and clear. I love engaging myself in extracurricular activities that go far beyond the normal activities. It is for this reason that I have a passion for volunteerism and volunteer activities that are very fulfilling to me as an individual. I hope that I will be able to touch people's lives in all that I do wherever and whenever I do my activities now and in the future. I am a great researcher who have been attested in all my years of learning where I have been able to hone these skills perfectly which is also important for the law profession. I am also a good orator and public speaker which are important for the law profession. The public speaking skills go hand in hand with my persuasion skills which is another important aspect of being an advocate. I am also highly adaptable and learn quickly. This I learnt during my stay abroad as indicated above.


I believe that I am the right fit for your school and are looking forward to being enrolled and being a student here. Not only do I intend to get resources both educational and otherwise from your school, but I am also intent on sharing what I have learnt through the years that could be helpful to your school and help in the development. To that effect, I am looking forward to getting positive feedback from you.

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