Student's Portal Functionalities Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

To eliminate untidiness in the student's portal, information to be included should contain personalized content. The content should be easily available role of the users and in relation to each student's field of learning. Each academic discipline should be tailored uniquely to suit the needs of learners within that category while at the same time facilitating interaction to all students. The information should be tailored such that students only get the information and functionality they are interested in finding.

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The portal should include a wide range of information categories based on students' needs and expectations. The most important is flexible and dynamic library that contains a plethora of resources for all disciplines. The library should be user-friendly and contain up to date books, journals and research. At the top of the page, there should be user-friendly functionalities that easily direct students to information about latest news, updates, guides, academic timetable and upcoming events, ad contacts. To ensure the portal is friendly and easy to navigate, the information should be placed on the basis of what students need to accomplish. However, this should not mean putting a lot of content on each page. The information should be concise, so that it is convenient and accessible. The information should be placed on a hierarchy to let the most relevant details appear first.

The current structure of the student's portal lacks dynamic widgets, has not flexible design and does not give users a personalized look. An important functionality of student's portal is to enable easy access of academic content using flexible search engines. To improve student's satisfaction, it is important that the portal has search engine functionality the lets users find relevant information both within and outside the schools website. There should a visible search option to find any learning materials, and this functionality should be placed at the top left part of the website. Additionally, like any intuitive portal, a document library that allows filtering based on varying criteria, and with sophisticated security that allows viewing and editing privileges to students. The students should be able to register for courses online, fill forms and get reports about their performance using website functionalities.

Additionally, there should be visible and well-designed menu button on top of the page. The menus should contain key links to academics, student's profile, and dashboard. These menus should contain drop own sub-menus where users can find additional information within the website. More importantly, there has to be a container on the left where notifications are posted. Unfortunately, the current portal lacks these finer details that embody top-notch portals. Quick links to new academic plans, how to make payments and how to find classes are not included. To make the website more useful to the needs of the students, social elements should be included. There needs to be a rich social layer to provide real time updates to all users. These layers should be accompanied by blog to facilitate student's interaction and sharing of resources between learners and the school. To consolidate students in a single system, instant messaging should be available. Messaging board should be considered to ensure students can access class-related information sing messaging boards and forums. Also, chat rooms can be utilized within the student's portal so that discussion and review of information can be fast.

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