Personal Essay: The Challenge of the Quarter System in College

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Date:  2021-03-22

Section A: Techniques

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I plan to use the Zen, a very short sentence that carries more weight in it than its length suggests in the last line of my first paragraph to give my audience the sense of anticipation and make the idea of being on the campus for the first time linger in their minds. I believe this will help create the eagerness in my audience of wanting to know what happened the following weeks of being on the campus. It will also help me convince the freshmen in OSU like me that, everything was perfect until the third week when everything changed into an unbelievable nightmare.

I will also employ one of the hieroglyphics, semi-colon; a signal that acts as an instrument for accentuation of irony in the fourth sentence of the second paragraph of my writing to give my audience the chance to highlight the presence of irony and contrast of how I received the news of beginning midterms the third week. This will help me inflect a tone in my writing that can help the audience establish the slow flow when reading the piece, especially when trying to relate how I reacted to the news of starting the midterm the following week. It will also help my audience establish the contrast between the situation before I was told about the midterm and what followed after the news that, with the burden of waking up early; I felt like hell has become loose on me.

I also plan to use single dash, a signal that launches a metaphorical restatement in a sentence to achieve summation effect in the sentence in the last sentence of the fourth paragraph to help me deliver pert summation to my audience. I believe this will me provide a sharp and insightful elaboration to my audience that and help them understand that despite the much workload they still need a rest, being in college is fun and sometimes friends might tell you to go to a movie with them don't be afraid to say no!

Section B: Writing piece

It'll Get Better, Just be patient

When I first set my foot on campus and began my classes, everything was going pretty well. Being away from home where parents do not control or dictate what I do was exciting. Again, meeting new friends from other places, and the fact that I joined a higher learning institution were some of my exciting moments during the first day on campus. I used to wake up past seven o'clock and sleep anytime I wished. Everything was perfect until the third week when everything changed into an unbelievable nightmare!

Little did I know that all the fun that I enjoyed during the first days would turn into a nightmare few days later? Not so long when I began to experience the difference of campus. It was the third week of the first term when I heard my instructor saying that all the freshmen like me were to prepare for the midterm and projects the following week. With the burden of waking up early; I felt like hell has become loose on me. When the midterm news was broken to freshmen; anyone in the school could note the change in most of the freshmen like me. People started waking up early than seven, as usual, some could extend the night prep to past ten o'clock so as to cover the work that some considered too much.

The first term of being in a school that runs on a quarter system like OSU was like being in hell forever especially for someone like me who had never had any experience in a school that operates on a quarter system like this. However, after the first term things started to change from what I termed as hell to good. I learned the advantages of the quarter system and I must confess that it is one of the best moments of being in school. In the quarter system, when one has missed a class he/she can make up for that class within the three terms in a year, and you dont get stuck with instructors you hate! As compared to the semester system where one has to wait for another year to catch up with the missed class. Quarter system exposes learners to more knowledge in various fields through taking more classes. Although, it is a lot of work; to me, I think it is worth it!

The first days of being in OSU and any other school that runs on the quarter system might be horrible and boring; however, when you become patient and understand the advantages of this system, it will be one of the most awesome things that ever happened to you on campus. For me, I took the first three days to reschedule my plan for the term and tried to fix everything to fit in the remaining weeks of the term. And once I worked with the schedule I found everything back to normal just like I wanted it. I created a list of activities that I was doing in in a weekly plan that enabled me to use the limited time appropriately. Being in college is fun and sometimes friends might tell you to go to a movie with them don't be afraid to say no! With a lot of workloads one would need a space to free the mind.

When I came to understand the good sides of the quarter system I managed to survive it because I embraced it; don't try to fight it because this will only make it harder for you. Everything will come to pass; all it takes is patience. So, just be patient and know that everything will get better before you even know it.

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