The Visit to the Ancient City - Creative Writing

Paper Type:  Creative writing
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Wordcount:  388 Words
Date:  2021-06-18

Athens is described as the heart and the capital city of Greece. The place is surrounded by several ideologies and physical structures dated from 5th century BC. Many of us have heard of various philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Speusippus and many others, who are remembered for their significant role in the field of academics. Their works spread like leaves in a storm around the world and we study them in educational institutions in our todays modern world. Athens history is also black and white with numerous events that have shaped the current cultural and innovation times. Thats only what I know about the place through class notes and images on the internet, but does such a place exist? Since the time the word ancient Athens fell into my years, I became skeptical and curious about the place, every time yearning to get the opportunity to get there and prove things for myself.

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Now I am here, entangled deep in the streets of Athens to come and have the experience of what I used to hear. Wow!! The place is beyond the description of what I know, majestic magnificent structures, temples, stadia and theaters, which were as strong as an ox. Though some of them are ancient and old as Methuselah, but they have detailed information on them about the ancient life. Back in the class, I can remember the mentioning of the Parthenon, now I can see it on the Acropolis Hills, it is the most focused monument in the ancient Athens's Greek architecture. Others, such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Theatre of Dionysus, and Greek Parliament, remind me of Professor Stanley, who liked to mention them to us almost every week of his history classes. Leave alone the entertainment spots in Athens, the place is the birthplace of the Olympic games, I am sure that many of us just hear about Olympic Games but we are not certain of its Genesis. Thanks to the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum, they have restored such history of Athens together with the jewelry, vases, sculptures which help in identifying the ancient life of the place. I felt warm by the manner at which I was welcomed by the people of Greece, while in Athens, I can see both the past and the future of the world.

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