Essay Sample on Classroom Activities

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Date:  2022-10-29

Classroom Activities

Activities for today Tuesday are greeting, breakfast, morning circle, math, music, outside yard, bathroom, lunch, rest/sleep, wash hands, snack, circle time, free play and goodbye.

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Today, the children danced and sang songs during music under the instructions of the music teacher. She is very strict with them, and they follow her instructions. After music, the class went outside to the play yard. The children enjoyed playing in the yard as they run around chasing different small balls, some played by riding small cars while others collected fallen leaves. There were others that played on the slides.

A better part of this lesson was that they could easily recall the patterns of the games they were playing. In some cases, the teacher joined the students to play together with the students. No major incident required special attention.

Critical Analysis of the Observations

Play is an integral part of the child's development process. When children take part in different games in the school, they learn to associate freely. As a result, their social-emotional development aspects improve by high margins. Whenever a teacher can be in a position to help students, it is essential to join them in whatever they are doing. Regarding that, the teacher shows the students that what they are doing is right and not necessarily a children's game. In the end, their state of mind improves since they feel appreciated and supported. On the other hand, music is part of talent development. According to Glanz (2015), it is essential to address all the students' need when teaching. One way of doing so is by supporting their talents: music can help in talent development.


Learning is systematic, multidimensional, and takes place in different environments. It should also incorporate different strategies. As the settings change, it is imperative to come up with new approaches to match the situational needs. By and large, this suggestion coincides with Gagne's theory of conditions of learning that suggests that different learning conditions require matching strategies (Tomei, 2008). As the students dance and sing various songs, they are likely to observe each other and learn a lot of concepts. The social learning theory typifies this scenario. It suggests that learning occur observation (Kolodziej, 2015).


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