Personal Essay Example on The Stone Mountain Park

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Date:  2021-03-23

Objective conditions

I visited the Stone Mountain on 30 September 2016. We have always planned to visit this site with my siblings for an extended period but we never got the chance. Therefore, on that day all my three siblings accompanied me to the site. They wanted to have a glimpse of the beautiful environment and scenes of the park. We paid the parking fee when getting into the park and took a period of seven hours although we wished for more hours. I chose to visit this park because of its numerous outdoor adventures. The park is well known for geology, rock relief, and bas-relief. Furthermore, I visited the site because I wanted to see the three Confederate carvings who participated in the civil war. These people are considered heroes because of the role they played during the war.

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The objective learning experience

The Stone Mountain has a mountain, which covers 583 acres, and it is 825 feet tall. Furthermore, it displays three men whose carvings are 400 feet above the ground. Lee's elbow is the deepest point of the carving. The park has different other sites including the farmyard in which the goats' trained goats perform various tricks. it was a wonderful scene seeing the goat perform various tricks like eating when I fed them. The park also has a collection of Georgia homes, scenic railroad, sky hike, and camp highland outpost. The Stone Mountain Park is owned by the state of Georgia. However, Georgia state authority called Stone Mountain Memorial Association manages it.

During my visit, I saw the mountain of the Stone Mountain Park having the carvings of three men. I also saw the deepest part of the sculpture, which was Lee's elbow. The scene was beautifully presented because of the nature of the mountain. The memorial sculpture is an indication of the three Confederate heroes who took part in the civil war. The men are presented in the top of the mountain to show their significance in Georgia State. They include General Robert E. Lee, President Jefferson Davis, and Thomas Stonewall Jackson. The museum offers a guide on the mountain travel, and there is no tour with a tape recorder.

The mountain also has a collection of the original buildings in the state of Georgia. The houses are restored to preserve its historical value and authenticity. The scene of the museum is beautiful with lots of scenery including farmyard, ride the ducks, the great barn, railroad, geyser towers, and summit sky ride. These scenes present the historical past of Georgia well by preserving the things that were practiced in the past, the heroes who participated in the world war, the form of transportation used in the past, and others. The Quarry Exhibit indicates the great value of the state and the horse in the curving indicates their importance in the state and during the war. The State of Georgia bought the Mountain and the surrounding land. The aim of the site is to honor the three heroes who participated in the civil war. Through the adventure, I learned that Georgia has a rich and high value of history. The place is moral as it preserves the authenticity and great value of Georgia State.

The subjective learning experience

During my visit to the park, I noticed that the carving on the mountain is the only memorial to the Confederate generals and the horses they had. The people who were at the park had fun, and most of them did not want to leave because of the nice adventures the park presented. My experience at the park was great although I only managed to see few sections of the exhibitions. I am planning to visit the park once again to have more adventures. The site was inspiring, and it gave me more insights concerning the state of Georgia. If given a chance, I would make changes in the Confederate monuments and displays. The site is aimed at the retired military soldiers. The people present in the park were friendly, and most of them were whites in tour groups. Furthermore, most of them were happy, and they enjoyed the scene.

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