Essay Example on Beliefs: Essential for Knowledge, Despite Background

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Date:  2023-08-30

My current knowledge about belief is that it is essential even if one lacks enough experience. Sometimes people mistake the word believes as belief, either it is false or true. Lessons from the videos show that every time people want to acquire knowledge, they have increased stock of bright ideas. Many people also know that beliefs are non-occurrent because their background was not impressive (Snipes, 2012). However, the two videos show that beliefs can re-occur.

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Suitable examples include the personality and the learning theories because they both speculate about the distress stems either through long-standing problems or behavior learned from the past. Most importantly, approaches are essential because they provide the basis of understanding how people learn, analyze, predict, and describe learning.

From the videos, two theories stood out as the best. The approach chosen from the Cancelling Theories with Dr. Drawn-Elise Snipes is the learning theory (Snipes, 2012). The reason why this theory is vital is that it provides creates an understanding between two people. The learning theory is also essential when assisting and assessing clients. The method can help in treating and identifying the causes of specific behaviors, as shown by the clients.

The Second theory from the Theories of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders for Counseling CEUs for LPC and LMHC is the moral theory (Snipes, 2013). This theory is chosen because it associates itself with the defects and character traits such as anger, pride, envy, sloth, and gluttony (Snipes, 2013). In this case, the theory is achieved through discipline and the use of willpower and moral lifestyle development. This way, the method becomes beneficial to someone in their day to day activities.

The importance of the moral theory when dealing with customers is that it explains more about the company's actions are wrong or right. The approach also provides a framework for workers to discuss and think in reasoning ways when evaluating and dealing with the moral issues before handling the customer (Snipes, 2013). The advantage is that the workers carefully handle the customers.

Work Biases usually come in many forms. The best way to recognize this is to see if the workforces are unfairly excluded from the opportunities and experiences they deserve. Due to this, the hired staff will develop biases such as unconsciousness or implicit. This type of bias operates at a lower level, such as conscious prejudice, but ends up affecting the customers. Usually, this type of bias is found in employees that deal directly with the clients (Snipes, 2013). The best way of acknowledging bias with the customers is by taking more time to speak with clients (Snipes, 2013). This way, it will be easy to detect where this nature came from. Everyone, at some point in life, has gone through a bias situation.

The importance of getting to understand biasness within customers is balancing the situation that rifts between the client and the employee not to develop (Snipes, 2013). The importance of using moral theory while talking to the client is that it shows the defects and character traits such as anger, pride, envy, sloth, and greed. On the other hand, the learning theory assists in treating and identifying the causes of specific behaviors shown by the clients.


In my personal experiences, faith, and presuppositions, I never understood the importance of the learning and moral theory until I discovered I have been using them in all my life. From my experience, I have always wanted to understand the character traits and defects of someone similar to the operation of the moral theory. My faith is also not different because when we try to learn more about God, we are taught how to behave to gain his favor.


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