Perseverance Pays: My Journey to a B.S. Degree - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-16


The journey of settling in a particular profession is tough and can force an individual to give up and settle for less. It requires relentless determination, faith and reflection to continue on. I grew up with extreme situations that required me to have a high level of maturity, hard work, and focus. However, I lacked the maturity to stay committed to the learning process due to lack of intrinsic motivation in my early academic career. I knew I wanted to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree since I was young because I have always wanted to help people. Giving a generic answer was not enough and I needed something that could drive me. During my childhood, I used to see my aunt, who lived with my mother, going to the hospital every morning. She told me of her satisfaction when she assisted people in their times of need. One day, she said to me of a six-year-old, critically-ill Turkish girl with end-stage renal disease who had been hospitalized over ten times. She had explosive diarrhea, vomiting, spoke little Russian and was hospitalized for weeks with no family with her since her mother could not leave her terminally-ill husband alone. The hospital management assigned my aunt to watch over the girl. She needed an immediate kidney transplant, and since she had become friends with her, my aunt donated her kidney and saved the girl’s life. My aunt’s experience and her need to bring compassion and support to diverse people in the society motivated me. I wondered what I could do to be part of the healthcare system and play a role in delivering care that require multiple methods and influences for preventing and treating diseases. Whenever I reminisce about my Aunt’s experience, I get the urge and desire to enroll for a Bachelor of Science degree at Kettering College. It is her role as a nurse that solidified my interest in medical science. Her exposure and experiences also showed me that health care providers play a critical role in improving patient’s outcomes and enhancing their quality of life.

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The program outcomes for a Bachelor of Science degree are vital for me in forging connections with other disciplines in practical contexts that require knowledge and specialized expertise for a productive engagement within the health care industry. The outcomes will assist in developing an eclectic repertoire of skills and experiences in health care delivery. To achieve success, I will need the right temperament, dedication, patience, persistence, and hard work to work in the medical field. Besides, I will require the right mental capacity and time management to provide empathetic, accurate, and rapid care. Such challenges will sharpen my intellect and make me a more compassionate and stronger person.

The program will shape my professional future by providing a different and unique perspective on excellent patient care. It will offer the opportunity to assist patients and their families in times of pain and suffering. I believe that the program outcomes will help me in my preparation to make a difference in the lives of people by influencing practices of hospitals, policies, programs. Collaborating autonomously with other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients in the community will be critical. I will directly positively influence individual’s health by understanding and addressing patient’s issues through support and patient education. A team-based care system will be essential due to the support network aimed to improve community health and prevent diseases. I will also gain hands-on experience while serving humanity in the community. The outcomes will shape my profession by instilling in me the knowledge for management, leadership, and skills in the health care environment. Empathy and compassion are critical attributes for any individual in the science field. Seeing people in their worst days requires empathy, understanding, caring, and being non-judgmental. Helping patients and their families to manage distress and overcome the crisis require a person with strong emotional stability. For example, working in an emergency room means dealing with extremely sick patients. Such an environment requires a strong individual who can provide the patients with appropriate care. Therefore, I will have to learn to organize myself and improve my emotional skills because I will face difficult colleagues, disgruntled family members, and non-cooperating patients. Therefore, the outcomes will enable me to engage in problem-solving, reflection, and critical thinking through evidence-based practice in varied healthcare settings within the community.

Program and institutional outcomes are connected in the sense that institutional outcomes are matched with specific outcomes of a program that directly addresses the skills and content required for particular programs. Identification and allocation of program outcomes that a student encounters are crucial in presenting learning as a coherent whole to the students and aid them in linking their knowledge in one program and another. The courses that I will take have learning outcomes that will provide multiple opportunities and encouragement in taking responsibility for my education as an application and integration process. I hope to become professionally competent after improving my skills and knowledge in the medical field, enough to prioritize care and make decisions including the technical and physical aspect of care.

The program outcomes will also provide me with a strong background in science because physicians must understand patient’s conditions, medical history and be intuitive to ask questions without missing critical parts. For example, there are tools, machines and medications that should be clearly understood during training. Working harmoniously with the tools need skills and knowledge in both the standard and metric system of measurement. To be competent it requires a combination of medical expertise and technical care. Technical care will form part of my personal attributes that are essential indicators of effective care. The Program and institutional outcomes will also equip me with effective skills in multitasking since I will interact with a number of patients. Answering the questions that the patients and their family need to know and understand will form part of my tasks, and it require deep understanding and knowledge of the patient’s conditions. I will work with other health care practitioners and communicate and collaborate with them effectively. Having poor communication would increase vulnerability in patient’s conditions. For example, I will have to identify everything that does not look right or seem out of the ordinary. These information must be communicated to the nurses consciously and clearly to improve patient wellbeing and outcome. The information will also help to avoid medical errors caused by misunderstandings. Thus, I would have to understand facial expressions, gestures, and language, especially during emergencies to deliver appropriate and quality care. With these knowledge and skills I would achieve my goal of becoming a successful healthcare practitioner and improve population health in our community.

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