Essay Sample on English 1100 & 0199: Exploring Meaningful Existence

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Date:  2023-03-12

Over the semester, English 1100 and English 0199 classes have been quite interesting. English 1100 lessons have featured topics relating to philosophy and ethics. In this course, students learn about the pillars determining a meaningful existence, which include belonging, purpose transcendence, and storytelling. Through this course, students can understand how these four pillars of existence work in real life. What's more, English 0199 lessons have majorly focused on elaborating on the significance of living life to the moment. English 1100 and English 0199 are subjects that have focused on educating students about the different aspects of life and what steps they can take to overcome various challenges and understand different life events.

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Through the course (English 1100 and 0199), students can relate to the life and values of existence. For instance, English 0199 explains a topic based on mass media where masculinity and feminist are described to the core. The topics taught in these courses are accurately explained, making it easy for students to understand and desire for information given that most of the information taught to relate to life. Through these courses, students have the opportunity to comprehend the aspects of ethical morals and relate them to their daily lives. For instance, in English 0199, students are advised to focus on the current circumstances rather than basing most time thinking about the future and the past hence neglecting the present.

As a student considering this course, it is essential to be dedicated and to understand not only the topics taught in this course but try and implement these theories in real life. As a learner, it's considered not enough merely to learn but also understand aspects of life and how to relate with other people. Even so, in this course, students fail to ask questions given that they feel they might be judged since most of the topics are self-explanatory. Students should feel free to participate in the discussions and ask questions where they feel they are left out. For instance, it is difficult to comprehend how masculinity and feminist are utilized in mass media.

Even so, it will not be fair not to accept that English courses 1100 and 0019 have significance in a student's life in school and after school. Many of the topics taught in these subjects are widely researched and easy for a student to comprehend. Through these courses, considering their core values, students strive to develop healthy relationships with others, respect others, and be transparent to each other, their family, and friends.

Through the course, students have never missed a lesson willingly. They have often submitted their work on time and report to class on time. Moreover, students have gone above and beyond their class studies to ensure that they are ahead of the professor. Students in these courses have learned to assist others whenever they can to achieve their diverse objectives.

With the vast information taught in these courses, students desire to continue with these courses to learn more about life values and relating them to real-life, as mentioned. It is considered a win when students can express their thoughts and implement the positive ones in their daily lives. Professors responsible for teaching these courses are pleasant and transparent. For this reason, students appreciate their openness and direct communication, which helps them understand what is expected for them and how well they are meeting their expectations.

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