The Journey That Changed My Life Essay

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Date:  2022-04-15

My childhood dream has always been to travel around the world especially in cities like London, Tokyo, and Sydney. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to London. London is a very popular city that everyone is familiar with mostly due to its historical background. Furthermore, famous tourist attractions such as River Thames and the Tower of London are among the popular sites that most people like to visit. My travel to London was remarkable and memorable experience as I learned so much about the city and the history of the United Kingdom in general. I also had the chance to meet and know new people, different cultures, and cuisines. Although it lasted only for several days, it has always been a place where I consider special and unforgettable.

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Situated in the South-East of England near the Thames Valley, London is home to over eight million people. The city has served as an important financial, educational and cultural center over the years since its establishment. The United Kingdom has always been a greater hub for language and literature which in turn has helped a lot regarding educational matters. The growth of the city of London came as a result of its medieval trading activities. Most tourists love to explore London by foot or double-decker buses. Iconic symbols such as the tower bridge make London a truly impressive city to visit.My trip to London last summer was special both for my family and me, especially when considering that this was our first time to such a place. We landed at Heathrow Airport at midday and by this time; I could not even express my feelings as I was very excited. After arriving, we went to the nearby hotel to take some rest. The next morning, we toured around the city admiring the beautiful people and socializing with different kind of people. Our first stop was at the Museum of London. The view was fascinating as it comprised of many objects estimated to be over 1.1 million! The museum also had different galleries organized in a chronological manner which contained different artefacts, models, pictures, and diagrams.

We also had the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament which is upriver from the Thames. Big Ben's reassuring chimes peal across the city every hour. Buckingham Palace, known to be one of the most famous palaces in the world is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth. It is also among the popular tourist attractions as it offers tours of staterooms and gardens. Also, Kensington Palace is nearby where the public can have access to it all year-round. The Palace and gardens have always been remembered as the home of Princess Di and Prince Charles. The constant refurbishment has helped manage its appearance and overall attraction. Our tour ended at the Royal Parks of London which is considered as a legacy of England's monarchy. Once, they were reserved as private hunting grounds for the royal family, but nowadays they are opened for everyone to enjoy.

The traveling experience taught me a lot about the United Kingdom. Being one of the most influential countries in Europe, United Kingdom is considered to be as one of the foremost countries with huge potential for tourism. Buyers and suppliers have also been common due to the influence created by the tourism industry. In turn, this has created a lot of job opportunities especially for tour operators working in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, they have managed to identify new destinations and locations including natural attractions thus having the ability to convince tourists to travel to such places.

What I've learned also is that tourism has tremendously boosted the country's economy as well as both social and political factors. Political factors such as the implementation of new laws, policies, tariffs, goods and services, education as well as infrastructure among others have enabled the tourism industry to operate through regulative measures effectively. On the other hand, economic factors have also played a major role in transforming the country. The reason for this is because of the increased employment and exchange rates among others. Social factors such as population, growth, trends, and careers have improved over the recent years. As a result, it has created a profound impact on infrastructure, health, and education as well as cultural heritage and sporting activities.


My traveling experience has helped learned a lot and acquire new skills and knowledge regarding tourism. It has always been my special interest to learn about the cultural heritage of different countries. My trip to London marked only the beginning of my learning experience. London will always be a remarkable and memorable place for me as I learned so much during my visit to the city. Also, this journey also helped me in appreciating other diverse cultures around the world each with their unique traditions. London is a city that not only values its own story but also the story of humankind.

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