Pathophysiology Reflection and Artifact Approaches in Learning Essay

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Date:  2022-07-08

In every learning process, there are always complexities associated with the development of unique skills that can enable one to adapt to the difficulties that come with every concept (Angelina, 2002). In this course, I have explored different approaches of Pathophysiology and artifact. Through continuous learning and participation in different class discussion and forums, I have been able to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that are essential in undertaking some of the complex tasks. The analysis of pathophysiological and etiology alterations linked to the primary care conditions requires the development of unique skill and attitudes. For an individual to succeed in every course, attitude is the most important aspect of learning that every learner must possess. However, the correct attitude can only be achieved in the course of the learning process. Additionally, analyzing the relationship between the pathological phenomena and the normal physiology requires discussion from a wider perspective, in other words, it requires collaborative skills which can only be developed in the course of learning. Some of the course goals include the application of the relevant theories in the analysis of the pathological processes, analysis of the relationship between the normal physiology and the pathological phenomena, description of the developmental psychology, pathogenesis, normal etiology and the analysis of the pathologic responses to illnesses. Following the complexities of the concept applied to this course, I have been able to develop various skills, knowledge and attitudes which enabled me to maneuver through the course materials.

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The course outline provided an opportunity to engage in the class discussions among the learners. Through the collaborative learning and frequent consultations among the classmates, I was able to develop the advanced skills in analyzing the etiology and pathophysiological changes associated with popular primary care conditions. Through the contributions made by the group members, I was able to develop both the practical and theoretical understanding of the course. While undertaking the course, although personal studies may be essential in understanding basic concepts (Rendas et al., 2006), engagement in the discussions and contributions from different classmates as stipulated in the course outline facilitate the absolute understanding of the complex pathophysiological concepts which may be hard to acquire during personal studies. The development of developmental physiology pathogenesis and etiology were some of the goals in this course. The course was organized in a systematic way to enhance systematic learning mechanisms. The course involved the practical with elaborate course materials consisting or relevant and easy to grab concepts. As a result of the above scenario, it became very easy to understand the developmental physiology pathogenesis. In science, the comprehension of ideas is often facilitated by practical, where individuals can acquire substantive information essential in the theoretical perspectives.

The success that I realized in this course could not have been possible without the Professor who dedicated his time to ensure that every learner has a grasp of the course requirements. There were several tests provided by the educators to ensure that every concept is tested. With the continuous assessments, I was able to identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses. The course was organized in a way to include the assessments at intervals. Whenever I failed these tests, I would go back to the course materials to revise and grasp the concept that I was not familiar with. Differentiating the external and internal factors that influence the specific physiological states along the illness continuum and illnesses was another goal of this course. Given that the course incorporated the theories with enough learning materials including diverse publications, I was able to keenly adhere to the reading guides to ensure that I understand even the minor concepts that are significant in the real working experience. One of the major objectives that learners always yearn to achieve is to have a connection to what they are learning with the real work environment. As a result, the course incorporated the internship program to ensure that students have an opportunity to apply whatever they have learned in the workplace (Beeler et al., 2012). Through internship programs, I was able to determine the needs of the individuals and communities in emergency and disaster settings. Additionally, during my internship program, I was able to have an advanced understanding of the clinical manifestations of commonly seen or altered health states, analyze physiologic responses to different disorders and illnesses as well as the treatment modalities.


The course outline incorporated the connection between what is taught in class and the real-life experiences. To understand the concepts in the education context, it is always necessary to have a reference point (Sumsion & Goodfellow, 2004). The above course was formulated to have a direct link between what is being taught in class and the actual occurrences in the environment. As a result, I was able to grasp the course context with reference to the real-life occurrences. As a result of the above case, I was able to achieve the goal of determining the needs of individuals and communities in the emergency and disaster settings. Additionally, the course consisted of the research and quantitative applications. Through the application of the statistical skills, I was able to achieve the complete quantitative skills and as a result, I was able to correlate physiological states to different strategies in illness prevention. Through research, I was also able to develop skills in differentiating the external and the internal factors that affect specific physiologic states along the health and illnesses continuum. While undertaking the course, there was the availability of diverse course materials which facilitated the learning processes. The availability of experts and different educators also enhanced the learning activities, a situation that facilitated the achievement of the course objectives. Amidst achieving the course objectives I have also been able to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that are essential in undertaking some of the complex tasks. The analysis of pathophysiological and etiology alterations linked to the primary care conditions requires the development of unique skill and attitudes. From the course, I have realized that to achieve the stipulated goals, it is necessary to have collaboration and the complete relationship between the learners and the educators.


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