Fetal Alcohol Abuse Syndrome

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Date:  2021-03-10

The syndrome affects the normal growth of the child as it affects the critical area that encourages various developments in the body of the child. One of the first areas that the disease affects is the size of the head. Having been exposed to the alcoholic drinks in the in the uterus, the development of the body parts is affected. Therefore, upon the birth of the child, the head of the child becomes small in size due to the syndrome. The small size of the head is seen to be a hindering factor for the growth and the development of the brain. When the brain fails to increase in size, the child grows in an unusual manner thus fails to engage actively in the normal body development (Streissguth, 2009).

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As most of the babies are born with the right weight, the syndrome affects the weight of the child at birth. There are heights as well affected by the syndrome. Typically, from the third month, the child becomes active and can be able to engage various body parts. However, this is a different case with this syndrome. It affects the brain thus affecting the general coordination of the body parts. A child suffering from this disease can't effectively coordinate the body parts since there is poor coordination in between the body and the brain. The children undergoing this condition have the problem of movement unlike other normal children (Streissguth, 2009). The syndrome causes the deformation of the limbs and the fingers thus affecting the movement during the early stages.


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