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Date:  2022-11-06


I am always passionate about improving my writing and become a better writer one day. My writing inspiration comes from my tutor among other great writers. I am always fascinated by the way great writers express their thoughts with ease and leave their readers wanting more. I am an active participant in my English 1A class and also in group discussions. Before starting my English class, I had set some goals that have been leading me throughout the course. My primary goal is to make writing my career one day and be a renowned writer in the country and worldwide. Throughout my learning this past semester, I have learned both English as a language, and most importantly, I have discovered my potential and flaws in the writing. I am writing this paper to reflect on how I have grown this semester in regards to being a better writer, reader and critical thinker.

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I feel that I have improved my reading this semester. Although I am not where I would want to be, there is a significant improvement in my reading habits. I am now able to read fluently without stopping and trying to connect and understand what the writer meant with specific sentences, phrases, and other writing tricks. My coursework has especially helped me read books and other works, therefore, enabling me in improving my reading skills. Specifically learning Blair Reader has helped me to read actively and explore my reading potential that is untapped. This class has prepared me in my other areas of study as well. I can now read instructions and understand without much struggle unlike before the start of this semester. I am now sure that I will do better in my future classes because I am a better reader and I can understand the language well. I am an average student, and therefore I pick up concepts slower than other students. This has made my reading move slower and requires me to make extra efforts to catch up with other students. However, my zeal and passion for writing has sustained my potential. I have discovered that my passion for reading is an added advantage because I keep on trying without giving up even when I am taking too long to understand and get concept sink in my mind. My reading is a little better than before and hence; I am grateful even when I continue to perfect my reading skills even after the end of the semester.

My writing has come in handy with improved reading. When I began my English 1A class, I could barely write a sentence. I was struggling to construct and connect words. My essays were always chunky, and I would end up rewriting and rewriting which took most of the time. By the end of the day, there was very little progress. Although I am still very far from being a good writer, there is some improvement in my writing. I have spent a good time throughout my coursework writing essays to sharpen my writing skills. I remember my last essay on gun control did not turn out as I wanted but there was an improvement and of most important is that I gave it my all and wrote it from my heart.

I appreciate the peer editing sessions that have exposed me to various mistakes made by my peers and my ability to recognize them. Through reading and writing practices, I am now able to construct and write proper continuous sentences and even paragraphs. Although I still have problems with conceptualizing ideas and keeping the flow of thought. My English 1A class improved my use of vocabularies and use of the correct tenses. I have especially benefitted from the book we read in class called 'They Say I Say' which has helped me identify rhetorical moves in academic writing, by showing me how to frame my arguments in the broader context of others have said by providing templates to help me make such moves. I have discovered that I am very creative when it comes to writing. Creativity is an added plus for me because writing becomes easy when you have your content. What I have to polish is how to put down my creativity in the context of academic writing.

I am looking forward to having my book one day to prove that my effort was worth it.

Reading and writing induce the character of critical thinking. I have been reading for fun in the past. There was no time I stopped in the middle of reading to try and analyze what the author was trying to put forward. My class, this semester has introduced me to the writers' word where writers stop and critically examine a piece of work. Consequently, I now pay attention to what I read to get both the surface and inner meaning of a task. Blair Reader especially has led me through critical thinking session where it makes me reflect on my piece of work. The Blair Reader has enabled me to interpret, analyze and evaluate ideas both on my work and that of the others. Critical thinking will be useful to my future classes as it will enable me to have an easy time developing new ideas in other areas of my academic study.

Additionally, I will be able to understand arguments, judge information and make inference in work I write (Stella p. 2). I find myself d that which I read. I believe I now have a better foundation in my critical thinking skills that I have gained from my English 1A class both from my coursework and from the guidance of my tutor.


On reflecting back on my reading and writing skills, there is no doubt that there is an improvement. I might not be where I thought I would by the end of the semester, but I am not as I was by the beginning of the semester. I can now read smoothly and fluently and also at an increased rate as compared to the beginning. Also, I can write better essays and be with the help of my tutor. I can apply critical thinking at some point where it is required both full reading and writing. I believe I have done my best in this past semester. However, there is much that I have to do to sharpen my writing career. If I were to get another chance, I would attend English 1A all over again to better my skills. I would probably read more, practice harder and engage myself in more with my tutor for more guidance on reading and writing.

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