Difficulties Associated with Teaching the Novel to Young Students. Essay Exampe.

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Date:  2021-04-02

It is quite challenging for any teacher to make the students concentrate in a literature class set-up. For example, The Quite America is a novel that was published at a time of war and narrates more about principle betrayal and being involved. As a result, it poses a number of central difficulties in teaching the context of the novel to younger students. Fowler has lived in Vietnam for a reasonable period since he is set to accomplish a certain mission. Apparently, Fowler seems to be escaping from an unsuccessful marriage. Consequently, he had a failed relationship in England. Phuong is a Vietnamese girl who is probably illiterate.

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The level of reliability from the novel, The Quiet American, is not adequate to teach the junior learners. They cannot be in a position to relate the little information provided in the text and what is being taught in class. The only narrator and source of important information in the text is Fowler. Fowler is a typical example of people who dont bring out their emotions. His level of sincerity is always unreliable. It is always less than a hundred percent. As a result, one needs to be very careful with information delivered in the novel. Young learners may lose their concentration and level of understanding along the way.

At most times, young students always have a hard time, or rather, a difficult time in understanding the context of the novel. For instance, innocence is one of the main themes that Graham tries to exploit in the novel. There are so many innocent deaths in Vietnam and this is the driving factor for Fowler that he makes effortless moves to fight for the rights of the innocent soles.

Solutions to the challenges using Monica LEE as the case study

Monica lee was born in December 7, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is a graduate from Milton High School. Apparently, she is taking a course in industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Monica Lee is a pretty young artist. Photorealism is an art, and it runs in Monica Lees family because even her own father was a prominent photographer. As a young artist, she has been recognized for her ability to make exceptionally beautiful and amazing portraits of people and animals.

Interestingly, she only makes use of her pencil to make the drawings and she makes them appear to be very real. However, Lee has worked as a digital artist for about 12 years in her dads advertising photography studio, but later, she opted to work for analogue drawings. She is now

one year old since she embraced analogue drawings. Her father, being a photographer, helped her to grow a strong desire of appreciating photographs.

Socially, Monica lee reaches out her viewers and fans through entertainment and interviews on social media. As a result, she is able to educate her viewers on how to develop creativity skills and more so, how to define their personal styles. Politics is a dirty game and this is no exception to Lee. She does not like politics.

The journey of Monica Lee as a young artist is undeniably inspiring, or rather, encouraging. She works from her home studio. When she is interviewed probably on social media, one is able to tell that Monica lee is not a stranger in the art industry. In her work, Monica uses a set of different tools to help her to build an illusion of a three-dimensional picture and also to bring a good balance. Monica takes a period of about three to four weeks so as to come up with a single impressive drawing, but this will also be determined by the size and complexity of the picture. Surprisingly, a section of her significant work is accompanied by a series of challenges, but still, she is outstanding in her drawings.

In an interview, Monica says that Alisa, was the first portrait she did, and this acted as a stepping stone to all her other artistic works. Pencil as a drawing tool works best for her when creating a piece of art. It simply does not make her hand dirty and also, it is a simple tool.

The main or specific area of interest for Monica Lee in the art industry is making photorealistic drawings using graphite pencils and smudging tools such as a Q-tip and rarely, a white gel pen. Drawing is her talent. Her work appears to be digitally enhanced but in real sense, any enhancement done on the pictures is usually the work of graphite. She likes capturing the very minute details in a photograph. Monica Lee has now been in the analogue drawing for about a year. She describes her own work as a childhood imagination or a dream that has become true, although drawing comes naturally from within her. It is rather inborn in her. Monica Lee has a very firm background in photography. With the help of a grid system Monica Lee is able to draw from photographs and to bring out the intricacy of the portraits using minute subjects and features. She is usually addicted to details, but however, she has done a drawing of a still life depicting a bottle of Macallan whiskey, and a scene from Shanghai. The portrait merely took her one month and two weeks due to its complexity. She reveals that this was the most challenging portrait she ever did.

There is a lot to be emulated from Monica Lees artistic life. Despite the challenges she encounters in the art industry, she gains the motivation from books and motivational quotes to continue drawing. She actually says that her desktop is filled with motivational quotes, with her best being train insane or remain the same. She inspires her viewers to work hard so as to become like their role models. As a result, in 2011, a web television show called Smart Creative Women was launched. Monica lee is the founder of the television show. The main objective of this show is to inspire women and to help them to learn, develop and grow the basic entrepreneurial skills. We can also learn not to ever give up in our works whether they are tedious and time consuming or not. In one way, hard work will pay.

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