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Date:  2022-12-04


Learning institutions such as universities need to be arranged in such a manner that it will be easier to control activities within the institution. Planning is being done so that it can align with technologies (Anselin, Nasar, & Talen, 2011). Use of technologies is increasing; therefore, the planning should be done per the technological need of the learning institution. The reason why planning is done in learning institutions is to control the movement of people and manage challenges that might come up as people move from one area to the other. How key installations such as buildings are designed within the institution will determine how fast people can get assistance whenever they are in need.

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Oxford University is planned in such a way that there are many entrance and exit points within the university (Anselin, Nasar, & Talen, 2011). Different stakeholders such as students and employees have their entry and exit points to ease movement and sorting by security officers. Having different and distinct points of entry helps in maintaining security within the institution.

The buildings are also separated depending on the users of the buildings, the learning hall is on one side, the offices one side and recreation centers on a different area. The separation of building depending on the purpose that they serve help in reducing interruptions as different people engage in different activities. The planning has played a significant role in ensuring that learners have an ample learning environment (Anselin, Nasar, & Talen, 2011). There is no collision of activities where people would be fighting to get limited resources that are overcrowded in one area. The student life at the university is comfortable because of the planning of major resources that they use.

There is adequate recreation space in the University which means that students and staff can engage in co-curricular activities. This is very crucial because physical activities are very significant in learning. The recreation grounds are however located at a reasonable distance to ensure that there is no sound pollution to learners because the two different activities might be taking place at the same time. This aspect was well thought out when planning different amenities in the Institution.

Additionally, the Institution is not congested in terms of having many structures in the land. There are empty spaces, and walking paths are adequate, so the students, as well as members of staff, moves freely in the compound (Anselin, Nasar, & Talen, 2011). This helps in saving time because if the amenities are congested, then it means that there is no easy movement as people might need to queue if going at a particular block. The availability of free space also plays an essential role in ensuring that there is a conducive earning environment. The architectures are well designed and arranged; otherwise, the learning environment would be unbearable thereby reducing the productivity of both the students as well as members of staff.

The physical arrangement of structures in an organization is very critical especially in Oxford University where there are a vast number of both the students and staff members. The buildings are neatly arranged thereby facilitating natural movement and a conducive learning environment. There are several entrants, exits as well as walk paths. There is no congestion in the institution, and different buildings are designed to meet the needs of the learners. The Departments which are related and there is frequent movement from one Department to the other are situated closely.


Anselin, L., Nasar, J. L., & Talen, E. (2011). Where do planners belong? Assessing the relationship between planning and design in American Universities. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 31(2), 196-207.

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