Grammar in Context Article Review

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Date:  2022-03-29

Context 1

The context of the article is about the achievements as well as the failures of President Trump during his 100 days in office. The article provides detailed information about how people thought about the President as a person. According to the information provided, many people did not believe that the country was headed to the right direction. In fact, they argue that Trump's predecessor was far much better than him. The use of statistical evidence was a factor that I could use to base my arguments. Accordingly, 56% of the people believed that Trump had failed to meet the expectations of the US citizens. The use of statistical records can be used to analyze a context. People are more likely to believe this information since the census that was conducted by a major and renowned company. Also, the article is based on the information that people could easily relate with. For example, it talked about the number of people who had resigned during Trump's term in office. It also shows that there was a problem with his administration. As much as another part of the population supports him, with such records, his supporters might start seeing things differently.

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The author highlights some of the achievements of the President during his 100 days in office. He based his argument on the agenda that the President had enacted during his campaign. For example, he explained that one of the major agendas of the President was to build a wall that would separate America from Mexico. Such measures were put into consideration as the project had already begun.

Context 2

The spoken context was about one of the most anticipated movies 'Black Panther'. One of the main characters of the movie was invited on the Helen shows to explain more about the movie. During its release, it was indicated that the movie accumulated a lot of profits as millions of people around the world watched its premiere. During the talk show, the two personalities seemed to focus on the theme of the movie which was a way of advocating for the rights of the black community. According to the information provided by the main character, the movie wanted to show how African countries can use their resources to help others. In reality, a lot of the aids that countries around the world send to these African countries is due to the many problems that the people encounter. However, the movie was way of empowering the black community as the characters used certain rare resources to try and change the world. In fact, that resource was considered to be one of the most powerful equipments in the world.

The host of the show was trying to ask the character various questions about how people responded to the movie. It was established that since it was a way of empowering the black community, the character should explain how the movie achieved its objective. With the information provided by the two personalities, it provided a good environment where people could relate to one another based on their history. Based on the history of the black community, most of them were taken from different parts of the world and enslaved.

Task 3

The two texts can be related in a way as much they are from different topics. On the first text about Trump, the author highlighted several factors that showed the past performance of the President. It is important when analyzing text to give references to some of the issues that the society can relate to. This is why the author used various issues such as the resignation of most of the Trump's advisers is an indicator of how his failure and inability to work with others and to heed counsel. The same aspect can be related to the conversation that was conducted in Helen's shows. According to what the main character was arguing, he explained about the history of the black people who in this case are the minority. Based on that, he used evidence that people could relate with. For many years, the black community were mistreated and taken to be slaves (Barton, 2011). This was not until the government of United States banned slavery. After they obtained their independence, they still faced several cases of discrimination. Relating to those aspects, the characters of the movie was trying to explain to Helen how the movie will impact the lives of the black community. This means for effective communication; real-life examples must be used.

The use of simple words is an aspect that can be used to compare the two texts. In the article, the author used simple words that many people could understand. It was argued that most of the authors nowadays are known to use ambiguous words which can confuse the reader. As much as the author might want people to relate to his or her article, using such words can be tiring for the reader. The article about Trump uses simple words as it targets the entire population (Ibarra, 2014). Any person who understands the English language could read that information and analyze what the intention of the author was in writing that article. The same aspect could be related to the conversation between the two media personalities. In most cases, they made the mood of the show to be simple as they used to laugh all the time. Also, since it was a show that was supposed to be watched by many people from different age groups; the kind of words that were used in the conversation were very simple and plain. Based on that, people could relate to the ideas that were presented.

The use of statistical figures is another element that can be used to compare the two contexts. In the first text, the author describes the achievements and the failures of the President through providing real-life figures. For example, he indicated that according to the census that was conducted, a total of 56% of the population felt that the country was not heading in the right direction. The statistical figures that were used were published in various newsletters around the country. The same element was seen in the conversation between the two media personalities. On various occasions, the main character tried to establish the number of people who had watched the movie since it was premier. That number that he indicated was the real figures that were presented in the movie data management. With such aspects, the audience could relate more to the type of information presented. When using grammar, it is advisable to quote the real figures, especially when presenting facts about real life issues (Hamalian, 2016).

The use of correct grammar is another aspect that can be used to compare the two texts. In both cases, the people involved used the correct grammar while presenting their argument. For example, in the article about Trump, the author used the correct language and structure of English. They include quoting information from Trump's administration and putting the correct punctuation marks. As much as people read information on the internet or any other sources, they also try to improve their language. Such article tends to educate people and the author must ensure that proper English is used (Elbaum, 2018). That same aspect applies to the conversation between the two media personalities. As much as they were talking important issues with the audience, they ensured that they communicated with the right language. It is not certain that many people could relate to the use of 'slang' language. To ensure that they attract more people to watch the show, they ensured that they used proper language that majority of the Americans could understand.


In conclusion, when presenting argument about the issues present, it is important to structure the language in a way that majority of the people could understand. This means that in both contexts, it is advisable to observe certain simple rules of grammar which include the structures used to communicate. In both contexts, it is evident that as much as they were discussing two different topics, the same quotes of grammar were used. In that case, they can be able to achieve their objective as it will attract people from different age groups. In addition, it is important to use simple wording that people could understand and relate with depending on the topic.


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