Essay on School Enrollment Booms, But Challenges Abound for Programs

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The school offers a variety of courses and other activities that are intended to empower them in terms of widening their knowledge. The number of students in the institutions has been on the increase in the recent with the institution creating space to accommodate more. Besides, the programs that are running in the institutions are being faced with several challenges that are making them less efficient as expected. For example, the problem of having enough resources allocated for these programs is one of the ways that progress is not achieved as planned (McConnell, Geesa & Lowery, 2019). Also, the lack of adequate personnel to undertake students through the programs remains a significant challenge to the institution. There is a need to consider employing more trained individuals that understand the needs of the students and those that will deliver according to the goals and objectives of the school. The peer/mentoring program targets a high number of students in the institutions.

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The program is meant to educate them on various issues, especially those that affect them most. For example, the effect of stress is prevalent among many students making it difficult for them to concentrate on their learning. Therefore, providing a mentorship program will help the students gain a better understanding of themselves and have a positive attitude as well (McConnell, Geesa & Lowery, 2019).

As a leader, there are numerous problems that students encounter. Most of these problems are associated with the home issues that extend to school because of the failure of parents to offer a solution. This implies that listening to such students' concerns will help them open up and share both their good and bad experiences, which will be encouraged through the program. Another issue that this program will address is that of the drug abuse among teenagers. In essence, the aspect of young generations being lost into drugs has become common among students in tertiary institutions. This implies that it will be of great importance to introduce the program as it will deal with such issues.

Data to assess Organizational Effectiveness

From the analysis and the interviews that I have conducted on both students and individuals that have worked in the school, it is evident that the facility can accommodate the program for the students. Also, the need for the program is needed by the high number of students in the school. The statistics indicate that the number of students in graduate and undergraduate school is more than 16000. On the other hand, the lecturers in the institutions are more than 700. Also, the school receives more than 45000 applications from interested students and parents but only admits at least 20000.

The students come from diverse studies hence indicating that the institution deals with a large community around the world. In this case, the primary goals are to ensure that the program is efficient, and thus, the need for recruiting more personnel will arise. The institution will be required to offer some of their lectures to undergo some training in line to peer mentoring. Also, this will be introduced as a course in the institution to allow many individuals to pursue it. However, the school can decide on whether to make it a mandatory course for the students because of the extent of need. In this case, the school will be able to implement its goals smoothly as the performance rates are likely to increase among the students because of the mentoring program. Besides, the social issues that affect students are expected to decrease as most of them will receive motivation and guidance from their peers.

Budget Program

Activity Description Cost

Personnel This will entail sourcing and training of more individuals that will help in the facilitation of the program. This is because it is a new program and thus requires well-informed individuals that will help in ensuring that every aspect is put in place. Also, considering the high number of students, casually dealing with them may not be appropriate. 4 New personnel

=$ 5000

Machinery The program will need the use of modern machinery that will help in recording the number of students undertaking the programs. Also, this will entail coming up with a facility where students can meet with others as a way of increasing their interactions and sharing their experiences. Therefore, the institution will set aside a physical place that will be used for this particular purpose. =10000

Learning material This is one of the essential things that the budget will consider. This will include both soft and hard copies. The soft copies will be added to the school portal, where a section of the program will be placed. Students will be able to download and read the materials from the website. Therefore, there will be a team that will be selected to ensure that better learning materials are sourced. $8000

Mentors Since this will be a peer mentoring program, it will entail binging in good individuals that have excellent knowledge in the field. This will help the students to interact with these individuals in open sessions where they will be able to ask questions in line with the program and gain an understanding of where they are not getting it well. Mentors will be required to visit the institution thrice in an academic year, and thus this will not cost too much as the number will be limited. $6000

Total $29000

Alignment of the Program to the school Discipline Policies

The program is in line with the school policies in several ways. First, the institution is focused on producing well-trained students in terms of academics and non-academic programs. Also, the institution is most concerned about the student's welfare, and thus the initiative is meant to improve the students' lives in school. For example, the aspect of emotional and psychological stress that the institution mainly deals with among the students (McConnell, Geesa & Lowery, 2019). Therefore, the primary intention of the program is to ensure that students are mentored through the initiative to enable them to be able to undertake their studies smoothly. Besides, the program is meant to help develop a good relationship between the students and the parents. In most cases, research indicates that there are continued disputes between the students and the parents as they get older. For example, the activities that some of the students may engage themselves in events like the use of drugs. In this case, the parents may have little to do with them as they may not understand some of the best ways to tackle such challenges that they encounter.

The main intention of the program is to reduce conflict between students and teachers and parents as well. Implementing such a relationship will help reach the optimum goals of the program that has been set by the stakeholders. The safety and welfare of the students is a priority to the students. Thus, this particular program aligns with the ways that the protection of the students will be taken into consideration. For example, the aspect of having some of the students coming from humble backgrounds and finding it difficult to cope with the new environment will be dealt with in the program. For example, the institution admits students from various states around the world.

Therefore, it is evident that some of the students may not be comfortable with the new environment (McConnell, Geesa & Lowery, 2019). Thus, the program will entail incorporating and dealing with such problems that students mainly encounter. As such, increasing social interactions among all the students will help reduce the issues of discrimination of some minority races living in the region. It has been reported that students that come from other countries feel discriminated as the interaction with the natives is considered severe. Therefore, these emotional issues that students are likely to face will be dealt with accordingly in the program.

Collaborative Strategies to Involve the School Stakeholders

Working together with the stakeholders is one of the ways that will help in attaining the goals of the program and the school as well. In this case, the program will collaborate with the parents, the management of the school, and other interested partners. In this case, the main goal will be to ensure that the program is successful. For example, one way to partner with the management is by being provided with the resources to facilitate the program. First, the budget that is provided in the above text will require facilitation to ensure that every aspect is successful. The youths can be involved through activities like sports and entertainment (Wilt & Morningstar, 2020). First, it is critical to understand that the youths interact more with each other through these activities.

Therefore, organizing these activities will be able to gather all the youths in the community. The elders, in conjunction with the police, will be able to address the youths on various community policing issues (Marino et al., 2020). Also, it is through these platforms that the youths can be educated on their roles and responsibilities as a community. On the other hand, the youths can be encouraged to come up with a community-based organization that is meant to address the problems that society is facing. Also, they can be invited to mentorship programs that will entail training on leadership in society.

Strengthening the relationship between the students and the community helped in the implementation of the strategies that were meant to address various issues that were facing the entire population. First, the issue of crime and violence was reduced as the police and the community collaborated to ensure that each living in the region is identified and the type of activity or job that he or she does. Besides, creating a friendly environment between the two parties helped in removing the existing boundaries, hence making it easier to work together to achieve the community goals (Wilt & Morningstar, 2020). Also, violence in society reduced as the relationship helped in the identification of sources of violence and the possible means of addressing it.

Therefore, the collaboration of the two parties created a positive impact on society and an enhancing and peaceful environment for living. The society will be able to exist in an enhancing and peaceful environment that is free from social problems. This is likely to help students live in an enhancing environment when both in school and at home. It is evident that most students get harassed by the community because of the existing conflict, and thus creating peace among these groups will hence achieve the goals of the program.

There is a need to consider a partnership with the government, non-governmental organizations, and humanitarian organizations that are concerned with the problems that face most societies. Also, women and youth organizations need to be invited to put their effort to ensure that there are implementation and sustainability of the policies (Wilt & Morningstar, 2020). In a summation, peer mentoring can be achieved better through a partnership between the police, community, and the youth among other parties. However, the aspect of the youth's participation in community policing was quite difficult in answering because of the problem of including them in decision making. In brief, community policing plays a significant role in society, and thus, there is a need for combined efforts to ensure easy implementation.

Community Resources

The community is among the most significant stakeholders that will take part in the implementation of the program. Therefore, the incorporation of the community will help source funds from the well-wisher...

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