Nursing: Managing Resources for Practicum Change Project

Date:  2021-04-01 19:04:50
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It is necessary to have a budget that shows the partitioning of the available resources to complete any project efficiently. A budget indicates how resources are distributed across the various activities conducted throughout the project. Also, the budget must indicate how and where the resources shall be retrieved. The need for patient safety, advancements in technology as well as changes that occur in many medical facilities, demand that budgets be accurate. For the purpose of this project, the budget will ensure that the resources available enable the achievement of the set objectives in the given time frame.

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Activity Cost

Printing the leaflets $10

Lamination of the leaflets $20

Distribution $50

Education $2520

TOTAL $2600

The breakdown of the above summary is elaborated in the discussions below. Printing out the leaflets is the first important step during the implementation of the project. The brochures will carry the information of the SAID the med.' All the necessary information that the patients are required to know are outlined in the leaflets. Only a single leaflet got printed while the rest were photocopies of the original brochure. Therefore, the reproduction of the leaflets did not cost much hence being a budget-friendly activity. Also, the photocopying machine is available at the hospital, and thus the price was subsidized. The unit has a total patient capacity of twenty-six patients. Also, a nurse was hired to educate the patients who were an extra cost incurred to finish the project successfully. The nurse spent a maximum time of ten minutes with each patient. The latter means that the nurse spent approximately 260 minutes which translates to 4 hours 20 minutes.

26 patients 5 minutes = 130 minutes= 2 hours & 10 minutes

The nurse got hired for a maximum of four hours on a daily basis, which means that after the brief education, there was another one hour and fifty minutes remaining. The remaining time was used for making follow-up calls to patients who were discharged from the hospital.

4 hours 2 hours & 10 minutes= 1 hour 50 minutes

During such calls, the nurse would ask the patients about what they had understood concerning the side-effects of the medication given. The nurse gave more attention on the medication that causes drowsiness, bleeding, and hypotension. These incidences are likely to lead to patient falls which cause injuries and consequently readmissions. These readmissions come at an exorbitant financial expense. For all the work done, the nurse received a compensation of $21 per hour. Therefore, for the 4 hours that the nurse was dedicated to the project, they received a total amount of $84.

Compensation= $21/hr.

Total duration= 4 hours

Total Compensation/day= $21 4= $84/day 30= $2520/ month

The distribution of the leaflets was done by the help of a staff member whom I briefly gave a preview of what the leaflet entailed. The exercise of distributing the leaflets was done on days when there was an admission of five or more patients. The exercise of distribution took approximately 20 minutes which the staff member asked for a compensation of $4. In total, the distribution cost over the month accumulated to $50. The total cost for the entire project stood at $2600 which was a considerate amount. As seen, the cost of education consumed 97% of the budget allocation. The rationale for the last occurrence was that this was the most significant activity for the 'SAID the med' success.

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