Essay on the Biggest Issue Facing Healthcare: Inadequate Management & Its Consequences

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Date:  2023-04-09


The biggest issue facing healthcare facilities and organizations entails the concept of management. There exist various administration failures in healthcare systems across the world that contribute to adverse effects on the service delivery and the management portfolio of the health-based facility. The rising cost of these mistakes impacts the hospitals and healthcare stakeholders economically, physically, and socially ("The Biggest Issues Facing Healthcare Today", 2019). Inadequate management systems in the hospitals contribute to several concepts that can lead to adverse effects such as deaths of the patient who rely on the doctors to save their lives during such occasions. The management issues also lead to the violation of the medical practitioner's oaths and also leads to the psychological effect on the doctors, patients, and other stakeholders.

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Information Technology Management in Health Care Organization

The advancement of technology in the currents world opens doors of opportunity to organizations and individuals. The good news about technology represents the ethical aspect, but there exist various mismatches that happen as a result of this advancement. The concept of technology raises security issues and patient's safety associated with a breach of data protection rights. The rise of cyber crimes continues to threaten the success of the application of technology in various institutions. There existed the most significant breach of data in 2015, which compromised the health records in the united states of America, and this resulted from the growing information technology sector and the cybercriminals ("The Biggest Issues Facing Healthcare Today", 2019). This breach of data can lead to the use of stolen data for some dubious processes such as fraud and kidnappings for ransom.

The focus of behavioral and lifestyle systems among the patients presents another challenge associated with the information technology system. The adherence to prescription and treatment plans plays an instrumental role, and the diet descriptions also contribute equally. The tempering of these systems by the cybercriminals add to risking the lives of the patients. This practice also compromises the integrity of the medical practitioners.

Financial Implications of the Technology Challenge

The process of implementation of the current information technology in the health facilities attracts other costs that continue to prove to challenge to the dynamic economy. The pharmaceuticals continue to experience high scrutiny that results from the sophistication of technology (Sittiget al 2018). The spending on prescription drugs continues to increase at an alarming rate due to the belief that people possess. There exist cases of people searching for a particular drug and searching for information on dosage and other uses that results in improper medication.

Development and Design Challenges

The health systems use of technology requires complex and sophisticated technology. The development of a proactive technology fit for healthcare proves hard for several reasons. The use of advanced information technology gives a considerable risk to the patient in cases of mismanagement of data and the information required by the systems (Sittiget al 2018). The patient diagnosis and treatment may experience difficulties due to wrong data input and output in the information system. The formulators of the technology-based health care fail to create a proactive and data-driven system that puts into consideration all the precautions needed.

Poor user interface contributes to errors in data compensation and input. There may exist different infusion methods that the systems use to identify patient's information. The inconsistency and lack of accepted and implemented standards force the provider to continually switch the mental models regarding the interface in the system (Sittiget al 2018). There exist a lack of better and more standard ways that allow users to feed data into the technological types of equipment. The government and international regulations body fails in the implementation and assessment of the facilities before their use in the public domains.

The checking of the safety of the technological softwares applied in the health care system proves challenging in various occasions. There may exist comprehensive products from the same vendor, but there exists new information technology functionality that continues to prove to test to the implementation of technology in health facilities (Sittiget al 2018). The process of application, development, patching, and update of the requires technology resources should constitute an error-free process.

Several Scandinavian countries employ the concept of development of various guidelines and mandating several processes of oversight for the information technology applied in health facilities. The states also use software and other technological advancements in line with a precertification concept (Sittiget al 2018). This idea attempts to regulate the personal innovation that contributes to balance safety and stipulated achievements brought by the application of technology in health care facilities.

The other implementation challenge facing the application technology in health records exist in the ambiguous identification of patients. The most prevalent risk associated with the implementation of entails matching across and within the electronic health records. The failure to recognize the two different locations of the patients' data also proves challenging.

Optimization, evaluation and monitoring challenges

The development of real-time strategies that support automated surveillance and monitoring in electronic systems and their performance experiences difficulties. These challenges arise from the routine assessment of the quality of information technology pieces of equipment and the identification of safety hazards (Sittiget al 2018). These challenges to the doubts in people when they start questioning the safety and confidence of the data they submit in health care records severally. The advancement of technology in health sectors requires measuring tools to regulate the breach of data sharing that lacks in most facilities. This concept renders the integrations a considerable risk to patients and investors who rely on these pieces of equipment.

The establishment of a legal and cultural framework that regulates the flow of data stored in these types of the system also prove challenging to the health providers who invest in technology. There exist adverse situations that make the protection of available data possible with the existence of cyber theft (Sittiget al 2018). The failure to explore exist data from other practitioners who invest in technology contributes to the inability of formulating the possible approaches to the legal framework. This study of technology trends helps in a comprehensive understanding of causes, natures, consequences, and outcomes expected in the information technology arena.

The development of methods and models for consumers in improving their health information technology presents a challenging concept to the health providers. The patients need to understand the technology employed in the health facilities so that they can report diagnostic errors in cases where the machines fail (Sittiget al 2018). The devices work on a programmed structure, and the probability of mistakes remains significant. These errors can result in serious medical complications and sometimes death. The application of these technological advancement requires consideration of these factors and possible solutions necessary in extreme cases.

Proposed Solutions to Information Technology Management

The evolution of digital medicare continues to exist at an alarming speed. This evolution requires a specific strategy that ensures the provision of these services does not result in further calamities, as witnessed in several cases (Mathews et al. 2019). The application of technology that is capable of failure due to the nature of computers. The use of digital health requires several solutions to ensure smooth running and predictable results.

Rapid Advancement and Promotion of Existing Landscape

This concept requires the stakeholders and the subscribers of digital health systems to iterate technology in the facilities rapidly (Mathews et al. 2019). The technology development in the health sectors depended on the manufacturer, and the consumer possessed little or no control of the system in prior years. The remedy of this problem requires the responsible personalities in this industry to minimize the development design requirements and enable rapid creation and integration of the concepts.

There also exists the expansion of technology use in different sectors and places. The government needs to ensure that these places possess the required amenities that make the application of technology necessary. The legislators can also push for bills and motions that encourage the use of better and secure technology across the facilities (Mathews et al. 2019). These steps will ensure that the government manages to regulate the activities that the operational environment of technology in the management of the health facilities require. The government also needed to provide the necessary evaluations of the pieces of equipment and continued checking of the facilities and the capability in employing technology in hospitals. The regulation exercise will curb the use of faulty instruments and ensure the safety of patients in hospitals.

The Evolution Approach Technique

The technology applied in the current world constitutes a dynamic concept that can turn challenging if the people implementing it do not keep with its speed. The evolution approach requires the stakeholders and the applicants to update their capability and severally and ensure they are well versed with every emerging technology (Mathews et al. 2019). There exist a promising future in the application of technology in the health sectors; however, the failure to follow the trend in these advancements will leave the majority of the subscribers of the new technology at higher risk than the benefits it offers. The approach requires constant learning of the trend in technology and the best ways to face the emerging technology for better solutions to health care.

The need for a requirements-driven approach

The best way to build a successful application of any concept in the industry entails establishing its primary purpose. This approach requires the services of experts to define the functionality and the best strategy to employ technology in the sectors (Mathews et al. 2019). This approach will help in selecting the best technology for a particular task rather than blindly investing in any technology that does not yield expected results.

Ethical Issues in Health Care Application of Technology in Management

There exist various health care challenges that arise from the application of modern technology in the health sectors. These issues violate the ethical issues needed to check the welfare of the patients and stakeholders (Kreimer, 2010). These issues include confidentiality, malpractice, negligence, and doctors assisted suicides. These practices appear legal in countries, but according to the medical practices, they violate the agreements between the medical practitioners and physicians. The movement experienced towards the provision of digital medicare will contribute to more violations of ethical uprightness if involved personalities fail to take caution.


In conclusion, the concept of technology in health facilities management presents a two-dimension concept that varies according to how people decide to apply it to...

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