No Discrimination: Breaking Barriers to Education for All - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-03


Race discrimination in schools refers to when a child or a student is treated less fairly due to his gender, race, religious beliefs. During the 1880s, the fourteenth amendment made it illegal to deny children their rights to get educated due to their color or religious beliefs or regarding the other race as inferior to them, and by doing so, this could enable the children to intermingle freely and exchange robust ideas.

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Assigning of children based on race is unacceptable since the learning institutions are the grounds where the children meet, socialize, and can teach each other`s differences and also learn to accept and respect them, without judging them due to their color. When the children intermingle, it will help them work together and relate to each other on economic and social grounds (Nieblas-Bedolla et al., 2020, ). It will also help to reduce the rising of racial discrimination groups that bring about the killing of the other race, and this can lead to irreversible blood bath because of their violence. Due to the previous researches, it has found that children or students who are raised with other races and attend school together tend to have no attitude regarding racial discrimination (Fahle et al., 2020, ). However, they tend to work together, and also they work together, and the exposure makes them learn more about each other, and this makes them more marketable in their daily lives since they have learned from each other`s experiences and also improve the relationship between them.

The combination of different races in a school tends to develop their problem-solving skills since they interact with the other groups that tend to have different core values and skills, and they tend to have different life experiences which the other race can learn from and use the experiences in life (Roch & Elsayed, 2019, ). When children placed in the same public school with other races they tend to consider each other as equals and that they would not feel that they are different from the others, this will help improve one`s relation to the outside world and consider themselves as unique but not as inferior to the other race. It will also aid in ending the racial balance and differences, which are visible in some communities.


In public schools, where different races can intermingle is vital since it provides social and educational benefits to both races and also improves how they relate and respect their differences on social and economic grounds. Assigning children to public schools due to their races will deny the children to interact with each other, and this will lead to favors, and the children would not be able to interact or exchange their different ideas and thus leading to differences between them and a rise in social conflicts. The use of race in public school will lead to danger in the future since it will lead to the rising of social groups, which, bases on ethnicity and diversity would not be applied since it is essential in learning and helps innovate combination of new ideas that is useful in the community.


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