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It is a widespread belief that to move up in the world and live a successful life, they must have some degree. However, this is not the case at all. There is a quote by John Newman that states, "If then a practical end must be assigned to a University Course, I say it is that of training good members of society," he believes to have a flourishing society, we must be educated. I do think that community should be taught, but some of the smartest and most educated people in the world have not gotten their degrees. Authors such as The Bet written by Anton Chekhov, and Homemade Education written by Malcolm X, support this reasoning. Both of these men are highly educated but did not receive their education in a traditional setting. On the other hand, Samuel G. Freedman, despite receiving education in a traditional setup, places more emphasis on educating people to be humane and practice acts of kindness in society. In his book, new classroom (war) teacher versus technology, he explores most aspects surrounding a practical education centered towards training people to be morally upright in the society - the three authors eco Newman's sentiments in diverse ways a thing that is worth discussing.

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Newman's sentiments have been echoed by Malcolm X, who, despite not receiving education in a traditional set up emphasizes on people being trained into becoming competent members of the society. Despite the enormous influence he had brought in the community, he had difficulty in articulating himself through writing in proper English. The author explains that he became frustrated when he could not express himself, and that is what paved the way for his homemade education. He states, "I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote..." (Malcolm,92). It is a clear indication that he needed the education to be able to express what he wanted, and it was regarding religious letters that touched on matters in society. It is an issue that Newman argues to be important because it gives people eloquence in expressing their opinions. Malcolm X, therefore, mentions that education is what helps people to be more conscious of their judgments. Malcolm explains that he envied his colleague Bimbi, who says he was eloquent in every word he stated. He states, "it had begun back in Charlestown prison when Bimbi first made me feel envy of his stock of knowledge" (Malcolm, 93). It is an indication of the need for education to be knowledgeable.

As he continues to explain his struggles with learning how to read and write, he reveals some of the most pertinent issues revolving around the inmates being trained by lecturers from universities such as Harvard and Boston. Malcolm explains that even in the circumstance where inmates were being rehabilitated, anyone who showed great interest in books was smiled at. It is an indication of how valuable learning and training was to every member of society. In this way, Malcolm echoes Newman's sentiments of training members of community. He further states that through the homemade education of reading books, he was able to learn a lot about religion and the aspect of racism. The author explains that it opened up his mind to the realization of how the white men treated blacks with utter contempt. He learned of the need for humanity and the empowerment of black people. It is also another way of showing the need for the training of reasonable members of society.

Similarly, Anton Chekhov, in his book 'The Bet' begins by giving a scenario of different scholars discussing diverse topics, but one that stands out is that of capital punishment. The title of the book becomes a reality where the lawyer and a banker stake for freedom or to die. It is a critical discussion that touches on pertinent issues in society and from the people considered to be learned and educated. From the way the two argue, it is evident that there is a need to train good members of society as education will open up their minds to having different views of the world and the people around them. The professionals are considered intelligent and having sound conversations he states "there were many clever people at the party with interesting conversations" (Chekhov 327) from the quote it is evident that smart people make meaningful conversations and they were elites who had been trained because among them were people such as lawyers and bankers. Chekhov has echoed Newman's sentiments of having educated people in society as it makes them have meaningful conversations.

Additionally, Chekhov contends that the opinions the smart people give regarding capital punishment explain that they are trained to be morally upright, a thing that Newman argues as good people in society. One of the guests states that it is no difference between capital punishment and life imprisonment as they are both immoral. It is an indication that he has been trained, and he can give sound opinions regarding morality in society, and this way, he is echoing Newman's sentiments. The lawyer states, "capital punishment and life imprisonment are equally immoral..."(Chekhov 328). It shows how their level of reasoning is that of good people because they have been trained and are smart. Chekhov, in his book, mentions that when people are trained, such as the lawyer and the banker, they are likely to be humane, therefore becoming good people in society. University education should, therefore, be designed in a way that trains people to be knowledgebase so that they can have sound opinions on matters affecting the society, such as capital punishment, as the example that Chekhov uses.

Freedman, in his article 'new class (room) War Teacher Vs. Technology' also echoes Newman's sentiments of the need to train competent people in society through the obedience of simple rules.For instance, the government is given by the professor against carrying phones to school, which is simple but crucial. At the beginning of the article, Freedman gives a scenario of a professor who smashes a student's phone because he defies the rules and carries the phone to school in a bid to discipline him. He crushes his cellphone. The professor argues "There are certain lines you shouldn't cross, if you start tolerating this stuff it becomes the norm"(Freedman 263) It is a way of training the students to be good people in the society through obedience of rules and regulations and also showing them that if they are disobeyed there is punishment on the offender. In this regard, he is echoing Newman's sentiments on the need to train the learners to be good people in society.

Furthermore, Freedman, through different dialogues based on the analogy of teacher .vs technology, explains how there is a need to instill discipline and enable the students to get the right and helpful information rather than spending most of their time on their phones. He argues that technology can make some smarter and other dumber. In this regard, be argues professor Bujega states, "The fact is we are not here to entertain. We're here to stimulate the life of the mind" he implies that students should be trained towards the right path so that they become knowledgeable and being able to give sound opinions in the society.


It is important to note that the three authors have different backgrounds in their educations, but they are all arguing on the need to be knowledgeable to have sound reasoning in society. In this regard, they are echoing Newman's sentiments on the need to train people to be useful members of community.

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