Rotary Club Essay for Scholarship

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Date:  2021-03-09

Financial difficulties are one of the primary daunting factors that avert an individual from achieving the childhood goals and aspirations. Therefore, as a student, I will highly appreciate any form of assistance that will enable me to achieve my personal goals and assist the community as a whole. It is for these reasons of financial difficulties why I am writing to be selected for this Rotary scholarship. Specifically, this scholarship will not only allow me to accomplish my personal goals in life, but will also enable me to progress the services of the rotary club which are the provision of ethical standards in all vocations, advance peace and good will around the world, and provision of humanitarian service.

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One of the reasons I should be selected for this scholarship is the financial difficulties I am experiencing that will prevent me from achieving my goals. Specifically, I am from a family of four siblings of which all of them need financial assistance from the same parents to complete their education. Notably, my parents, although have tried to provide for both of us, there has been continuous difficulties that subject them to strain to provide for us. Since the rotary club is a secular organization which wants the good will of every individual, I request to be selected for the scholarship to release the financial burden my parents are undergoing. On the same note, the scholarship will not only benefit me but will also profit my other siblings since the parents will be able to provide for them.

Secondly, the value, norms and mission of the club go hand-in-hand with my purpose of life. Specifically, the rotary club has their first guiding principle to develop a friendship as an opportunity to ensure goodwill of every individual. From my work experience, I have worked in Brook Dale senior living as a care assistant and extensive care for Alzheimers patients. In this area, I provided care for the elderly that needed daily assistance with eating, bathing, and dressing. Moreover, I have done community service such as making and passing out fruit baskets to older people in the community, painting playground equipment at a school in Costa Rica, and coaching elementary cheerleaders. In this regard, when if I am given an opportunity to further my studies I will not only get a chance to advance such services within the club, but it will also acquire necessary skills and be able to get money through a good job and give back to the community.

Lastly, the scholarship will give me a chance to learn several concepts in my area of study to advance my education. To be particular, I am one of the best students in Saginaw Valley State University whose academic performance is magnificent. Notably, I graduated in high school as the valedictorian, and this record has been extended to the college where I have received numerous awards such as best improved, best coach, and best dedicated. Therefore, if selected for the scholarship, the rotary club shall have invested in an individual whose aim is to become the world's best in everything he is doing and will come back to advance the policies of the club and become resourceful to the community.

In conclusion, there are several reasons that make the best candidate for this rotary club scholarship. First, it would release the huge financial pressure that my parents are currently undergoing. Secondly, I will get motivated since I shall have been sponsored by an organization whose missions are in line with my purpose of life. Lastly, it will enable me advance my education and become the world's best.

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