Modernizing US Education System: How, What, and Why? - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-04-09


The education system in the United States needs modernization for a new era. The queries surrounding this era are; how well could the system be modernized? Or rather, what should it entail? What policies or which ways should be taken to improve or enhance this change? All these are discussed in detail below.

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The Current State

The present state of education in the United States is the same in each of the social institutions. The nation is experiencing enormous, continuing as well as increasing change as it moves from the analog to the digital world. As the transition takes place, the present education system was a suit for the former economy. The results are a breakdown of the system and thus need modernization to fit the digital as well as the informational era.

In the current system, parents do not get involved so much in the education of their children. Everything is controlled by the teachers giving little time for the parents. The schools are overcrowded. Research shows that most of the schools that is fourteen percent are incredibly crowded and exceed the required capacity (Lynch, 2015). The school system does not support innovation that comes with teachers. With all these, what are the policies, or how can the system be improved?

Going Digital/Technological

The first policy is for many schools to go digital. Educators, the government, as well as the students at all grade levels, have found out the significance of technology in the classrooms. With technology in the class, teachers shall find it easy to interact with the whole class.

The instructors need to develop their instructions, reshape their assessments, and further reform their classrooms. The trends in technology include augmented reality or mixed reality, which give way for teacher instruction as it enhances immersive lessons. Besides, there are classroom devices such as computers that are fitted through federal funding (Busteed, 2018). What needs to be done with these levels of technology is that they should now be applied to all levels of education.

Most of the technology is applied to colleges and universities as they forget grades one to twelve. The lower classes need to forget the idea of going to the physical classroom, be taught how to learn using the present technology, among many more (Newman, 2017).

Restructuring Schools

Learners in the United States never get the push from the parents to work both hard and smart in schools. Also, there is no motivation from either the parents, the teachers, or society at large. Schools should be structured to support the culture of education. Schools should minimize the distorting sports function that destructs the priorities of most learners (Tomte, 2019). Most of the teachers, as well as schools, should start educating Common Standards to the students. There should be an installation of moratoriums on strong sanctions for those schools which record dramatic or surprising results in terms of poor performances. Testing, as well as discussions of lecturers, need to take place on the computer to avoid cheating (Machekhina, 2017).

The Teaching Styles

Teaching styles in the United States to need to emphasize practical skills to improve the present program. The method of problem-solving is applicable and has been successful in Germany. Practical skills are more valuable because they emphasize more of the thinking section and analyzing and a little part of the memorizing. Innovation, as well as creativity, are both available with the learners and are tied on comprehending the source and not mere memorization.

Teaching styles that are more attractive and appealing include those that focus on problem-solving in society. What does the education system help if the learners cannot manage to solve even a single issue in the community? The teachers in the U.S. need to help students focus on critical thinking and how the students can apply the knowledge learned in class in daily life. Such skills are also applicable in regular careers. Teachers also need to ensure students make both science and math relevant in everyday life. A good example is where the student applies Pythagoras theorem in the day to day life.

Evaluation of the Students

Students need tests and quizzes, weekly assignments, as well as homework to examine their ability to understand what they are taught in classrooms. Even though memory-based exams are never encouraged, the evaluation structures in schools need to ensure they find out the best method of application. The systems need to minimize high stake forms of testing, which consume a lot of time as well as creativity for the students. Weeks and months get lost in the way of testing, yet these elements of time could be used in teaching the students.

The teachers should minimize the emphasis put on standardized testing as they get the rigor and accountability and, in turn, use or apply the support of the learners' inclusive education with social-emotional demands. Among these needs are the devoting funding together with other resources that provide social support for the learners. These items provide healthcare, nutrition, and counseling to the students.


The United States is one blessed nation that needs to utilize the available resources in building the future. Modernization of the education system would lead to a more appealing system that attracts more children. Incorporating the above policies; Technological, teaching styles, restructure of the schools, and evaluation methods would lead to an attractive network that produces the best practical skilled graduates.


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