Organizing Framework and Program Outcomes

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Date:  2021-03-04

The case school for the study here is The University of Maryland School of Nursing. This school offers RN-to-BSN to the registered nurses who are pursuing further careers and education. The school sharpens the critical thinking skills of its students besides strengthening their leadership and communication competencies as students create relationships with other students who are highly motivated towards attaining their degrees. The school offers both full and part time learning at its various branches and main school. The school awards students with nursing licenses that are validly registered. The school offers full time learning in two semesters while the part time learning has various options to be considered. My program would therefore, be in accordance to the schedule of the University of Maryland School of Nursing.

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Organizing Framework

My organizing framework for the study would depend on whether I would go for part time or full time. However, my framework should be in considerate to certain themes, the themes would include; an unsurpassed center of attention on the excellence of nursing (Effken, 2013). The other theme would be the feeling of pride with regard to possessing nursing knowledge that is regarded as excellent. Possessing such nursing knowledge would also earn respect from other employers and dignitaries owing to the nursing standard that is considered as the best (Lenburg, 2013). Among the programs, I will also aim to improve my nursing knowledge by realizing how to utilize the analytical and scholarly techniques in examining proof in the clinical practices. I should also be able to address the factors influencing the health of a population locally, globally and nationally.

After the study, I should also be able to show leadership values, I should also show the processes of management and the organizational processes that are related to nursing as a practice. Nevertheless, I should participate actively in an influencing and developing policy, regulatory and legislative action that is in respect to nursing. After the course, I should also be able to apply relevant clinical reasoning, clinical skills and assessment outcomes to the care of various ill individuals, communities, families and populations (Effken, 2013). Another theme to note is that, after the study I should be able to take care of my career in various ways. The knowledge should expose me to more job opportunities that would allow me to advance into new roles that are rewarding. My leadership responsibilities should be increased afterwards.

The knowledge should increase my earning potentials by exposing me to potentials that are higher earnings (McEwen, & Brown, 2014). The fact that I would have graduated from a registered nurse into the bachelors of degree in nursing means that my career would be growing. Hence, the degree should be the beginning of an ongoing growth in my nursing profession. After the study, I should also be able to combat all the environmental health hazards to help ensure that the population health is improved (Smith, 2015). Through learning, there are certain techniques that would be acquired to help curb the health hazards within our environments such as avoiding mosquito habitats and general cleanliness. The concepts derived from my mission during the study would be; healths first and always do your best.

Health First

This theory would always drive me to ensure that the health of my patients and I are always given the first priority. This theme puts everything aside including the wages that would be paid for a health service if the life of an individual is considered first. This theme shows the meaning of life to a health administrator. The theme also shows a sense of humanity within the work of a health administrator.

Always Do Your Best

A health administrator always engages into a risky action that involves life, so if not the best of skills are applied, most lives would be lost ironically in the process of saving lives. A health officer therefore, dedicates himself or herself to give his best always in learning and in practice to ensure that more lives are saved. This theme also proves the commitment of an individual to his or her work.

In laying down the schedule, I would ensure that learning takes the first priority. My plan would guarantee total dedication to learning. Nursing is a sensitive subject to learn that without dedication it would not be easy to succeed in (Smith, 2015). For that reason, the schedule should give more room for classroom learning during the semesters, more practical time among other specific nursing activities that require more time and dedication.

Program Outcome

The outcome of any program must be anticipated. Anticipating the outcome of certain programs set goals for the programs in most cases. In any plan consequently, there must be expected outcomes even if the outcomes are not written down (McEwen, & Brown, 2014). Some of the outcomes set in this case include; after the course, I would be able to combine the knowledge learnt theoretically from the sciences, nursing and humanities and use them as a establishment for nursing. The practice of nursing should then aim at promoting health and prevention of diseases for the communities. After the study, I should be able to translate the research processes and findings to develop the delivery of health care and professional nursing (Lenburg, 2013).

The knowledge learnt in nursing should be used to manage the health of the community as well as the perfect application of other skills learnt. Another outcome is to accept the responsibility for lifetime learning, commitment to the advancing profession and professional growth (Effken, 2013). I should also be able to link patient care technology and information management in order to provide quality healthcare. I should be able to apply the interprofessional collaboration and communication to provide quality care that is safe throughout my life as a nurse. I should integrate the health care policy knowledge from all possible sources such as economic, political, social and legislative sources to enhance my provision of healthcare (McEwen, & Brown, 2014). My outcome would be to be able to use the values of ethics, accountability and legal responsibility in guiding the professional nursing activities throughout my life and the entire health system.

Peer Collaboration

The peer collaboration from the other students played a very fundamental role in the development of my career. Peer collaboration further framed my framework and influenced my outcomes as well (Smith, 2015). Peer collaboration steered me to work hard towards always being the best; through the collaboration with other students, I managed to achieve most of my goals in nursing. For instance, we conducted the follow up studies with fellow students after the teacher to ensure that we fully understood the concepts of the various topics of study (Lenburg, 2013). Nursing requires collaboration and dedication; we collaborated with other students to complete certain programs successfully and dedicated ourselves to some individual duties as well. The development of my program and outcome was to a great extent influenced by the peer collaboration that existed among the students.


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