Essay Sample on Cross-Channel Student Outreach: Social Media Strategy

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Date:  2023-02-12


Cross channel strategy will entail the use of numerous channels to reach an audience. Since the majority of the law students are using multiple social media platforms, the social media strategy will have a presence in four or five platforms. Similar contents will be shared across the diverse networks. The strategy will use basic social media platforms that include Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It will utilize YouTube for explicit video content. For example, the student's will be treated to various legal studies programs that include hot legal topics and trending news from various law issues. Issues such as court cases, legal issues, and law tasks will be shared across the platforms.

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The entire law students will download and install a Hootsuite app planner that will manage the generated social content schedule weekly. The posts will be approved by the users on a single tap, anytime and anywhere. Users will manage the posts on a tweak timing or single tap while at the same time approving their customized legal drafts. For example, a scheduling calendar will be utilized to help the students select the time and date to view a post and stay updated on all generated legal content. The scheduler will also manage bulk scheduling that will be organized on a weekly program. All posted content will be shared across the major channels; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The scheduling calendar will be utilized to plan and manage all scheduling across the various channel contents. The primary goals of sharing all the content across the multiple social media channels will be to encourage the law students to be a social savvy audience. While at the same time, generate business prospects and increase the visibility of the legal topics and trends.


The main challenging confidentiality issue that may arise is the risk of the legal problems, criticisms, and comments from the various channels disseminating to the wrong unintended audience worldwide. However, this will be solved by limiting what the students can post on the platforms. These will include issues about the Law Ofice of Saikon Gbehan, ongoing legal issues, and about their studies, other students, and the legal profession in general. A policy will be enacted that will permit the students to only engage in restricted online activity for mutual online protection.

Kickoff Meeting

A kickoff meeting is the first engagement in which various stakeholders of the project come together for the project planning and laying down of the essential elements. As a first meeting, it is intended to help the various stakeholders familiarize themselves and discuss the team member's roles. Two or three representatives from the Law office of Saikon Gbehan will attend in addition to a representative from the student's body. The team designing and building the social media campaign will also be in attendance. The designing team will take the management (Law Firm), and the student's through the various features of the social media strategy. The team will explain each platform and how it aligns with the general objective of the campaign strategy. The designing team will showcase a demonstration to the stakeholders on how the various platforms will be utilized to achieve the general aim of the campaign. The first implementation will be a demo and will majorly be tested by the management of Saikon Gbehan law firm. During the test and trial phase, legal content will be shared across the multiple platforms. The users will share, comment, and communicate across the platforms to test their compatibility and relevance to the objective of the campaign strategy.

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