Recommendations on the Best Ways to Become Effective in Education for Teachers

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Date:  2022-07-15


In a school setting, teachers are vital to influencing the behavior of students and learning. Despite having advanced facilities, paramount equipment, students who are willing to learn and excellent curriculum, teachers are the primary determinant of a school's performance. Teachers should, therefore, be effective to deliver services as it is required. Most of them have various ways of ensuring effectiveness in their work. For instance, some take upon themselves to ensure that learners are assessed at all times. In addition, others provide that that student is evaluated, and their academic progress determined when exams are poised for them. In most cases, this is what some assume that it leads to effective teaching. However, other characters make an effective teacher as well as recommendations on the best ways to become effective in education.

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Question 1: What Do You Think Makes an Effective Teacher?

Effectiveness in teaching is attributed to various factors. In this case, teachers are endowed with specific characters and skills that must be transferred to the learners in multiple ways. The effectiveness must or is a prerequisite to improved academic activities and a cohesive relationship between learners and their teachers. One of the best actions that make an effective teacher is the ability to administer assessments among the learners. It is an aspect that helps figure out the situation of a learner by identifying their knowledge levels, skills, and whether they are making progress in their academic lines. Assessment is a tool that can be accomplished by carrying out two tasks. The two mechanisms are either measurement or evaluation. Measurement is the pathway to identifying the evaluation mechanism. Therefore, an effective teacher should adopt measurement strategies to know the way to develop an evaluation procedure.

The other way to make an effective teacher emanates from the tutor's ability to perform an evaluation process. Evaluation is guided by correct results from the measurement process where crucial information is obtained on the levels or areas that need to be evaluated. It helps in determining consistency levels among the learners and the key areas that need to be improved upon. The process can be done by administering a test where each learner is given a chance to demonstrate the knowledge level and the mastery of what is taught. Therefore, it is evident that an effective teacher is determined by the ability to assess the capability of a learner either through measurement of knowledge levels or via evaluation mechanisms.

Question 2. In your experience as both a student and a teacher what did you find most effective and why?

Both as a student and a teacher, the best way to become an effective teacher, are through evaluation. In this case, a student's learning progress and knowledge levels are tested, and the areas that need improvement are determined. The process helps instill confidence in learners and support them in the areas of doubt.

Question 3. What could you do in your practice to make yourself more effective?

In my capacity as a teacher, I would ensure that learners are evaluated after a specific period. The evaluation would be performed in all levels of the school curriculum, be they academic or co-curriculum activities. The case would help identify the levels of resource endowment among the learners. Additionally, evaluation would be a norm to everybody to ensure that consistency is maintained and monitored at all times.


Opitz, M. F., & Erekson, J. A. (2015). Understanding, assessing, and teaching reading: A diagnostic approach. Pearson.

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