Life Changing Impact of College - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-07-27


When I first got accepted to college X, I had many expectations. The reason is that I knew in my mind that I had to get the best out of my college experience. Besides that, college X is one of the best public colleges in the area. At college X, I majored in computer science. My college life presented many opportunities for me among them making my future brighter. Despite the opportunities, I have had a couple of challenges that I had to overcome before I joined college. Here, I will discuss those challenges, talk about what opportunity means to be, and discuss the way college life is changing my future.

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I overcame many challenges to study in college. Growing up, my parents did not have much money. I had to make them proud because none of them had ever gone to college. Even now, they still do not have much money but I was able to enroll in public college. Getting accepted into the college was not an easy ride. I had to keep my grades high to pass the average marks to join college X. In my final year of high school, I had to go through sleepless nights to ensure that I passed the average mark to get into college. I took SATs and ACTs more than once to ensure that I boosted my admission to college. During the process, I faced a challenge of familiarizing myself with the tests, materials covered, and the directions of the tests. It was quite challenging but I am grateful that I passed all my tests. Besides the tests, studying for them was not easy either. I have four younger siblings who I had to assist my parents in taking care of them since I am the first born. I looked for part-time jobs and found one as a cashier in a hotel. Balancing my school work and home life was difficult but I ultimately joined college X.

Everyone goes to college to get an opportunity. To me, opportunity means a chance to learn to become a better person. In college, every day is an adventure. College X has given me a myriad of opportunities. More specifically, it is helping me to advance my career opportunities. I have noticed that college gives a person a broad range of skills. For that reason, even if I do not get a job that matches with what I studied in college, I know that my skills will open up unexpected opportunities. Moreover, college X has offered me an opportunity of meeting new friends through joining clubs. In college X, I am in the computer science club. There, I have met many people, some of whom are ahead of me by a semester. Through our interactions, I have managed to learn many things. Furthermore, opportunity means a chance to achieve a goal that I have always wanted. By attending college, I know that I will manage to achieve my goal, which is to become a successful person in the future. Growing up, I have always wanted to venture into computing. The reason is that I know any person who does that course has higher hiring prospects and is able to earn a meaningful income. I believe that my major will give me limitless opportunities in the future.

College is changing my future in many ways. For example, it is making me become independent. Compared to high school, where my parents' constantly monitored my movements, college X will help me to become my watchdog. In college, many of my friends attend parties on a regular basis and have less time to focus on their studies. Ever since I joined college, I had to decide on the things that would give me value and those that would only waste my time. That type of independence would help me when I get out of college. Besides that, the college will change my future in a way that I will manage to develop a foundation that will make me be great. I know that after I have received the education, I will build the confidence levels that will help me in my future job searching opportunities. My passion for computer science is immense to an extent I am aware that by my final year, I will have skills that would help me to build my future career with the help of that confidence. Furthermore, college is changing my future in a way that I am developing my critical thinking skills. The skill will help me to grow mentally and enable me to fix my mind on attaining success.


Overall, my encouraging professors made my college life easy. I hope that in my final year, I will graduate with honors that will make to become a respectable person in the society. I have learned to balance my time effectively and keep myself on a schedule. I believe that my opportunity to go to college will broaden my horizons. I know that my major in computer science will provide me with opportunities in areas such as web developing, data analytics, data systems administrator, and network systems administrator.

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