Digital Resources for Learning English Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-10


The above-denoted website is mainly about the listening part of learning the English language, and it provides multiple links of videos that cover different topics that might be taught in an English language learning class. The site is renowned for the popular TED talks that generally talk about the common topics that English language learners/or English as Second Language (ELL/ESL) students are taught in the classroom. Basically, the website can be categorized as a viable digital resource in teaching ESL students in the perception that it avails multiple webpages that contain the so-called TED talks' video links which are short in size. The small content size of the mentioned videos allows ELL students to watch a topic video of interest twice or more for the purpose of attaining comprehension of what the topic is all about in a more practical and demonstrable manner. This is because the English language lesson topics are presented in a digital image format that allows ESL students to listen and watch the video presentations which trigger a mental picture of how the real world uses English language vocabulary to make effective communication.

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The TED talks' website can be said to be effective in teaching ELLs on the basis that it fully agrees to the ESL research principle of adapting a lesson delivery, and this is because the videos featured in the site often cover the current topics that define modern world life and how it applies English language in different socialization scenarios. With consideration that the website is structurally designed to allow English language learners to trace the transcripts of any video topic covered, the resource can be said to facilitate the teaching of ESL students since the digital image content watched and listened to by the learners is subsequently converted into 'easy to read and speak' excerpt. Thus, ELLs are able to correlate a topic video transcript to the TED talk videos they listen. Hence, the resource is vital and effective in ESL teaching since it not only allows students to create a mental picture of what they listen to and watches but also agrees to the ESL best teaching practices such as watching a video recording that covers expressions of different opinions over current events or popular culture. Also, the website is essential in ESL teaching in the view that the TED talk videos have accompanying lessons which include comprehension questions that help in checking a learner's level of understanding. Therefore, the resource is largely useful in enhancing ESL teaching since it complies with the ELL teaching principle concerned with the assessment and monitoring of students' language development. This is because the comprehension questions accompanying the talk videos are used by English language teachers to monitor and assess the learners on their language development on the basis of their test scores in the same questions that reflect on what they listened to and watched.

2. Voice/Video Recorders

Generally, digital resources such as voice or video recorders are designed to allow users to record their voices and motion images respectively. The core function of these resources is to make a recorded copy of what one speaks or how they act. For example, in the study's context, ELLs can utilize the digital resource to record their voices during a discussion of an English language-related topic/or question in the classroom and once done they can play back the recording with an aim to listen on how they speak. Therefore, the resource would be classified as effective in ESL teaching in the sense that it allows English language learners to comply with the ESL research principles concerned with knowing fellow learners, monitoring and assessing student language development, and engaging and collaborating with a community of practice. The rationale behind the choice of the resource and justification of the above statement is that voice recorders enable ELLs to improve on how they speak by recording what they argue in a classroom's discussion, play it back to note any deviation on their English vocabulary pronunciation, and eventually learn on how to speak fluently by developing of those words that are commonly used in a verbal communication (Farnsworth, 1974). Hence, ELLs are able to monitor and assess their language development following the guidance of the recordings which correspond to how they speak in real-life situations.

The voice/or video recorder are regarded as crucial resources for effective ESL teaching due to their functional capability to make digital copies of voice and in turn use the same data to assess and monitor how different ELLs verbally express their opinions on a topic discussion, as well as how they defend their arguments by explaining the justifications of their claims using the commonly applied English vocabularies in a communication context. Therefore, the resources identified could be perceived as digital resources that enhance efficiency in ESL teaching, through reflecting on the ESL's best teaching practices such as the use of common social greetings, expressing an opinion, and explaining why one does something (Nation, & Newton, 2008). Hence, the voice/or video recorders are deemed to be digital learning resources in ESL classrooms in the view that they practically facilitate the process of learning to speak fluently in the English language.


The perfect English grammar website provides a clear illustration of the grammatical structure of different English vocabularies, words, and sentence structure and punctuation. The resource is essential in ESL teaching in the perception that it avails ELLs with a website that allows a digital search of English terminologies and simplified explanations of how the same set of vocabularies are used in a grammatical context. The resource is useful in ESL teaching since it provides a great practice to students convenient for mastering the grammatical structure of English terminologies and their proper usage in sentences or communication setting. Thus, the resource is sufficient for use in ESL teaching since it complies with ESL research principle of creating a language learning environment through the provision of simple explanations of different vocabularies and accompanying examples that illustrate how the words are used. Also, the resource is effective in ESL teaching due to the accompanying 10-20 sentences' exercise provided in the website, which complies with the ESL research principle concerned with the assessment and monitoring of student language development.


Farnsworth, M. B. (1974). The cassette tape recorder: A bonus or a bother in ESL composition correction. TESOL Quarterly, 285-291., I. S., & Newton, J. (2008). Teaching ESL/EFL listening and speaking. Routledge.

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