Issues and Concerns Regarding Teaching the Gifted Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-12


Gifted students are considered to be so smart that they can learn materials without the help of a teacher. Unlike normal students, gifted students are blessed with the advanced skill of high performance in many areas. In many places, the gifted students are placed in classes where the teacher can cater to their advanced abilities. This becomes so challenging because how a student with the IQ so high can be expected to learn from a regular teacher? The research has shown teaching a gifted student is so demanding since the teacher has to understand the student first to know how to appropriately educate the talented student and learn to work with the parents. The gifted kids have educational requirements that must be dealt with daily by an experienced teacher.

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Many regular teachers have reported that teaching talented students surpasses the challenges of incorporating disabled learners in the classroom. The talented learners can be amusing but also demanding, impatient, satirical and upsetting. Many teachers find it hard dealing with these qualities since just a few of them have received training relating to teaching talented students. The gifted learners need to be taught using a modified curriculum for their rapid rate of learning. The modification requires a lot of work since it requires an adjustment in many areas like lesson, schedules and assignment modifications. The gifted students have behavioral issues that most of the times annoys their teacher. For smooth learning, these kids should be matched with a teacher who enjoys interacting with gifted students.

Teaching gifted students with first-hand knowledge is invaluable. The teachers need to do more researches in various educational programs and look for experience from other teachers dealing with talented students (Colangelo & Davis, 2002). The teacher must learn how to deal with extreme emotional sensitivity and all the other irregularly behavior that come with gifted students. Many of them are stereotypes and it takes a long time for them to learn how to co-related with the other students. Many people believe the myth the gifted kids should love school and get high grades but this is not always the case. Some of the gifted kids hated school because they feel bored and disengaged. They even stop trying to get good grades for being unchallenged by the other regular students (Mills,2003). Today the needs of the gifted student are met by providing them with an experienced teacher for support and to help break the cycle of underachievement. They are also provided with guidance from a counselor and the parents for them to be successful.


In conclusion, some people may suggest that gifted students do not need education but all children need support and training from a teacher. They also need key concepts of education and principles of discipline for them to excel in the future. The government should train teachers how to deal with the gifted students and how to offer them content that is relevant to their lives. They need a teacher who can help them achieve more than they thought. Like the other leaners, the gifted student needs love and care from an adult. This is because they are just smart but inexperienced, they will require guidance and instruction that will help shape their future. It may be uncomfortable for a teacher to keep up with the gifted student but they should try their best to satisfy their needs.


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