Research Paper on Anxiety in Children

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Date:  2022-06-23


According to Bryman (2016) for a research method to be considered most appropriate, one need to analyze the type of data, simple size, type of study, type of available data in order to pass judgment. Using the research conducted by Mishra et al., (2018) and Smith et al., (2017), analysis will determine which the most reliable source.

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Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety Among Children in Rural and Suburban Areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A Cross-Sectional Study

This study was conducted in the rural and suburban region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh to determine the burden caused by anxiety in our society. It used children of between ages 11 to 18 years old. Anxiety is one of the modern diseases due to an increase in the level of risk factor has compared to the past ages. Therefore, this study was based on supposition theory. Moreover, it is pre-experimental research that children were divided into two groups of 100 children each and their demographic data was taken before it was conducted. However, the study did not discuss issues of confidentiality of the respondent. The study employed variety of data, from the previous studies, observation is made, and from the measurement, it took to arrive at conclusion. What makes it reliable is the large sample size it used; 200 children who were placed under observation and measured with the self-report symptom-oriented scale was used to screen for depression. Moreover, the study was not funded by any organization.

Anxiety in 11-Year-Old Children Who Stutter: Findings from a Prospective Longitudinal Community Sample

Similar to the above-analyzed study, the study that was conducted by Smith et al., in 2017 is centered in modern disease: anxiety. This research obtained its sample from a reliable source: clinical recorded, it further divided it sample into three categories those with persistent stuttering, (b) those with recovered stuttering, and (c) non-stuttering controls. It used a much bigger sample size of 843 schools of going age of 11, increasing the level of accuracy from observation, thus, improving the reliability of the conclusion. Incorporation of tables and flow chat made the study much simpler to interpret. However, it never revealed where the study was conducted to help the user to know whether if one can use its conclusion for general purposes or it is limited for this study only. Being longitudinal study, it tends to be more reliable than are, cross-sectional study (Mishra et al., 2018).


In conclusion, the study by Smith et al., offer some advantages that the study conducted by Mishra et al. Hence, Smith's study is used as the most appropriate approach to research.


Mishra, S., Srivastava, M., Tiwary, N., & Kumar, A. (2018). Prevalence of depression and anxiety among children in rural and suburban areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A cross-sectional study. Journal Of Family Medicine & Primary Care, 7(1), 21-26. doi:10.4103/jfmpc.jfmpc_248_17

Smith, K. A., Iverach, L., O'Brian, S., Mensah, F., Kefalianos, E., Hearne, A., & Reillya, S. (2017). Anxiety in 11-Year-Old Children Who Stutter: Findings From a Prospective Longitudinal Community Sample. Journal Of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, 60(5), 1211-1222.

Bryman, A. (2016). Social research methods. Oxford university press.

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