Is Automatic Blood Pressure More Accurate Than Taking the Same Blood Pressure Manually?

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Date:  2022-04-14

From the general point of view, the answer relating to this question can be quite tricky because the automatic or the digital blood pressure may be accurate to an individual but not applicable to the next party in that several people do have the different view of the effectiveness of the digital machines. But even though, if you do all the things necessary in the most accurate way you still stand that chance to be so much sure of the result since the digital machines which are used in the evaluation of the automatic blood pressure are also prone to error. Which may result from such factors like the mechanical breakdown of the machine or inaccurate entry of data.The general fact that a device may pass a validation test does not mean that the machine will automatically give accurate data to all the patients as this will only be determined through the proper use of the machine and accuracy of the data entry of the same patient. The digital machines in general always have the phrase known as garbage in garbage out which simply mean that in whatever case you enter the wrong data then you should expect a wrong and incorrect output from that machine in operation. This, therefore, calls for proper accuracy and proper use of machines to ensure that it produces the correct result. This, therefore, calls for other people or the individual do prefer manual data and method of manual machines for generating the blood pressure as they believe that the digital machine is always prone to error.

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It is always recommended that the blood pressure should be regularly checked, but this may not always be the case with several individuals as they do not regularly check their blood pressure. And this may result in the error which always does result as all the measurements are needed for the current blood pressure since they are very important in the analysis of the result. Just a single measurement done by the doctor either through the digital machine or manually is not always enough to carry out the medication for any particular patient as the accuracy of the same cannot be trusted. This, therefore, call for the referencing of the previous blood pressure of the individual, and that's the main reason why we were calling for regular check up of the patient pressure which is necessary for the medical analysis of

Any good or reliable physician will always go through the records of the patients past blood pressure result to analyze if the current blood pressure may be correct or not to administer the correct medication.

But the manual measuring of the blood pressure has always been so confusing to the patient themselves as they are not even sure of the outcome of the result and due to this fact the digital blood pressure may be more accurate as compared to the manual blood pressure measuring is not clearly seen from the patient preference of what medication they prefer and this always comes with the performance of the different system in their medication processes

There are several questions that the nurse or the medical practitionnaire needs to ask himself or herself whether automatic or the manual blood pressure measuring is most accurate and more preferred. The several questions that should arise include such inquiries like, are the digital machines been more useful than the manual blood pressure meaning the past or is the vice-versa of the same true? Then if true, the nurse needs to apply the most desirable machine as this is brought about by the idea that it is more appropriate and more correct than the other methods.

The several methods which the nurses or other medical practitionnaires have always used in choosing the most appropriate method of blood pressure measuring include the analysis of the previous performance of the machine and also the accuracy and consistency of the machine. This is very vital for the proper and more accurate data provision of the pressure measurement of the various patient as this will enable proper medication and thus very useful information for both the nurse and the patient.


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