Personal Statement for Masters of Public Health at King's College London

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Date:  2022-08-30

As a research officer aged 26 years, I have sought to help people have a healthier life dating back to my tender age. I realized that I had fewer answers than unanswered questions in my mind about life and the living things existing on our planet. My growing curiosity in understanding the structure, origin, function, and growth of living creatures is behind why I want to study a Masters of Public Health at King's College London. Another reason why I think of forging a career in the Public Health field is my mother who succumbed to mental health complications that necessitated us to take her to a mental hospital facility after every fourth night year long. As we were passing along the corridors of the mental hospital, I found myself surrounded with innate imaginations on how I will be of substance to my mother and others who are suffering like her. Thus, I sought to study MPH so that I can effectively practice preventive medicine which will help my mother and others to counter such diseases and illness. That is why I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at Edinburgh Napier University, UK that gave an insight to this medical field where I attained a distinction. I proceeded to work as a research assistant (Lab Officer) at Emerging Infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Medical School, where I was tasked with multiple research projects and conducting experiments focusing on flavor-viruses and paramyxo-viruses. I gained substantive experience which I gained through the utilization of a wide range state of the art facilities and laboratory where I specialized in virology techniques like infection, growing, harvesting, titrating virus stocks and PRNT. The experiences led me to develop a good taste for public health. Hence, it's my hope to earn a Public Health masters with a specialization in public policy, education and healthcare management. As a graduate of MPH, I plan to cultivate a concurrent focus disaster and crisis management plan in the field of Public Health. As Ho Wenkae Brian, I want to dedicate my life to a quest sound creative research, offering significant ways to a healthier execution of the intervention policies which will stand a chance to give marginalized Malaysians population communities' distinct primary health care.

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It was more than two years ago since I met with a Dr. Ng Han Jia, a senior researcher at Duke-NUS Medical School. We had a rare discussion on our primary health care structure in our country Singapore. He highlighted to me all the shortcomings that have bedridden our hospital system structures. Even the basic health unit that is supposed to be available to our villagers do lack in most of our rural hospitals. He went ahead to tell me that most of our doctors in Singapore lack proper incentives for medical personnel in rural areas. He enlightened me that such incentives do motivate doctors to ensure they offer quality service and responsible authority. He gave me an example of the USA. Often, most physicians rotate into remote areas monthly hence enhancing quality service care to those in need in rural areas which is not the case for our country. By enrolling and finishing my MPH program at King's College London will guarantee me an opportunity to reconnoiter a variety of health care service delivery models with fresh and creative ideas that will bring such health care services ideas as those in the states to not only our rural areas in Singapore but across the indebted third world countries in Asia that require the same services.

Working on, medical awareness and education, especially in most neglected interior parts of Malaysia, Singapore, and Asia at large will be my priority after completing my MPH. I will purpose to oversee a movement that has been started by Dr. Ng Han Jia that is trying to address the consequences of disparities being witnessed in our healthcare care delivery to rural areas. Alongside Dr. Ng Han Jia's foundation, another foundation that I hope to propose to partner with after I earn my MPH from King's College London is National Disaster Management Authority that addresses most significant structural feebleness that occasions most countries' inability to respond to natural calamities that require emergency response assistance.

It is my belief that studying MPH at King's College London will edify my perception of all the present-day health issues and more so, makes available the necessary skills to avert preventable concerns in the health sector. Am certain with the support and friendly atmosphere at King's College London along its renown status for its continuous assurance of excellence in all it undertakes, will facilitate me develop and exhaust my aptitudes to the fullest, thus allowing me to turn out to be well rounded and successful person, capable of playing all round active roles in the country as a senior leader in public health.

Your consideration is greatly a cherished.


Samraj, B., & Monk, L. (2008). The statement of purpose in graduate program applications: Genre structure and disciplinary variation. English for Specific Purposes, 27(2), 193-211.

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