How to Correct the Education System. Essay Example.

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Date:  2021-04-08

Albert Einstein once said, Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Albert Einstein was perhaps the most inspirational, intellectual, and realistic person ever to walk the face of this earth. As a fact, he was more like a Gods gift to earth, and his legend lives on to this very day. Lucky are those who got to live in the same era as him and experience his wisdom, knowledge, as well as sharing his insight on life matters. In as much as life does not come with a manual and there is no such thing as a perfect life, Einsteins life came too close to perfect, and his teachings were priceless; a man who was ahead of his time. His perspective on various life matters was incredible, to say the least, and was he to be here in the present day; there are many things he would have made right. He was more of a leader than a scientist and unlike modern day leaders who are driven by selfish motives, greed, power and all those things that make citizens regret exercising their democratic right to vote. His was a calling from above to shed some light on humanity and show them the way. One of the things he would start by making right is the education system. The modern day school system has lost track of the important duty to shape the life of little ones and could use a lot of correctional changes to get back on track.

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The modern day schooling should be sued for killing the dreams of little ones through their system of education and idea of academic excellence. Not only does modern day school makes fish climb trees, but it also makes them climb down and do a ten-mile run. Funny as it may sound, that is what the performance criteria and the idea of success do to children who have gifted abilities in all other areas apart from academics. Is that the perfect idea of education? Using a one-size-fits-all criterion to evaluate students with diverse talents and skills? The modern day schooling system is very determined and hell-bent on turning students into robots. So many kids can relate to the fish that swims upstream in class, total struggle and their gifts are never given an opportunity to speak for them. They live their whole lives in admiration of the intellectually gifted students who according to teachers are the perfect model that should be emulated by all others. The teachers with backing from the education system are chiefly responsible for idolizing top performers in class and elevating them to levels that are not only challenging to the others but also intimidating in the name of motivation and showing them the way. Paradoxically, it is such teachers that should be shown the way and not students parse.

Current education system is doing more harm than good to its students. It is gradually but consistently killing creativity, individuality, and being intellectually abusive. It is a system that has outlived its usage, and if correctional changes are not made, we are doomed for the worst. There is this common lie that the higher education is a guarantee of success. Everyone is obsessed with attaining a basic degree for the promise of a brighter future. However, whereas education is the key to success, nothing is guaranteed anymore in the present day world. Therefore, one might as well pursue their hearts desire instead of becoming a slave to the education system even when it apparently does not suit them. Higher education does not always translate to better jobs and handsome salaries (Jeter and Curry). The conventional wisdom of college education has its limitations although many people choose to be blind to that fact. Besides, more than half of those who are enrolled in the degree program end up not getting the degree in the four-year timely fashion. It is worse for the low achievers in high school who are unlikely even to get a two-year associate's degree.

Modern education should be skills-oriented as opposed to grades. With increasing tuition fees and no degree to show for it, it is time parents and students opted for other alternatives. Higher education is clearly not meant for everybody, and that is okay. The world needs an educational system that values creativity and believes in individuality, an education system that is not so focused on grades but instead is keen on helping students realize their talents and assist them to nurture the same. The kind of education system that understands not every student is meant for As and that it is okay to get a B or C without making them feel like failures or that they need to put extra work. The sooner that the society accepts this, the better for everyone.

A perfect way to correct this is by advising the weak students to pursue vocational courses rather than waste a lot of finances in the name of tuition and time on college degrees which end up not so beneficial. A realistic approach why this change is necessary is the fact that higher education is a prerequisite for very few professions and the rest end up in jobs that do not require a degree qualification in the first place. A good example that a college professor called Vedder used is the overqualified mail carriers with bachelors degree and the relevance for it in their context. As much as education is important, in some cases it is too big an opportunity cost; the funds could be used in securing a house or starting a business. Recent research in the United States Washington DC showed that employers preferred hands-on workers as opposed to graduates who according to the research, were incapable of solving problems and making congruent decisions which are a major fail in the education system.

Lerman urges students to evaluate themselves and make informed choices as opposed to following the system blindly; this is a realistic approach to the school system because some of those who join college never get to complete it in the first place. If such students were humble enough to accept their position and accede to the short-term vocational courses, their life would be much better and less stressful. Students should not be pushed into college; instead, they should be allowed to choose their fate; what they want to pursue without any undue influence or coercion of any sort (Noe).

In conclusion, correcting the education system starts with changing the mindset and perspective of learning and success. The school system should embrace diversity and avoid giving too much emphasis on academic performance. It should strive to mold the students, nurture their talents, embrace individuality, and motivate them into being the best version of themselves. That is the real definition of success.

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