American University in Cairo: Admission Letter

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  625 Words
Date:  2021-03-08

Since my childhood, I always thought of becoming a successful person in future and help to change the status of my family for the better. When I was growing up, I always admired the efforts that my parents put towards their determination to give me a quality education, and this kept me working hard to ensure that their efforts were not in vain. I developed a great interest in business, and it became my passion which I have held on to since my childhood.

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Coming from Egypt, I faced many challenges ranging from economic and social as my country is still in a developing state. The economy in Egypt is not stable hence people experience many financial constraints. I would like to improve the situation and make my country a better one than what it is today. Since I learned that education is the easiest way to success, I have worked hard to achieve the best in my studies and have a good foundation education. I completed my IGCSE/GCSE and scored good results (B, B, B, B, B, A, A, A, A). Also, I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh award at bronze and silver level although I was faced with numerous challenges. I love doing charity works in my community during my free time and make a positive impact on the society. I have been on the frontline in engaging in voluntary and charity projects such as providing English language lessons for free through the British Council in an English literacy class. Apart from voluntary work, I also love learning new languages, and this has enabled me to get to speak and write four languages.

Over a year ago, I was able to start my online company ( that is a platform for tutoring k-12 education although it is still young and growing. I was inspired by successful business people's stories that I listened to on the radio and watched on television. They challenged me and made me realize my potential in business. I know that with the knowledge and idea, an individual can achieve great things in life. Therefore, through utilizing every business opportunity, I can propel my dream to change the economy of my country by creating income and employment to my fellow Egyptians. I am currently doing a course in IB diploma. However, I intend to advance further in my business education in an excellent institution such as the American University in Cairo.

The reasons as to why I have chosen the campus over many others are numerous. One of these reasons is that it is a global university. Hence, I will have an opportunity to engage and interact with many people from different cultures. I will enjoy the exposure to different kinds of lifestyles and learn other people's way of life. It is a world-class institution hence equipped with excellent facilities such as sound libraries; therefore, I will have an ample time to study. The staffs in the system are well equipped to provide their students with nothing short of quality education hence; the university gives birth to a lot of qualified graduates in the world. I believe that by joining the campus, I will polish my business knowledge and skills to become a business professional. I will be able to utilize the skills I attain to achieve much in the business fraternity in my country and create a positive impact on the struggling economy of the state. My biggest desire is to get a lifetime chance of joining the American University in Cairo and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I want to engage with foreign people in the institution and make future business partners from campus, people whom we share the same ambitions.

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