Lifeline Project Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

Through self-leadership, we get to influence ourselves to achieve our objectives by developing a sense of our full potential, the ability to influence behavior and emotions. The graph below is a self-report lifeline charting wellbeing through my typical life events.

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The lifeline review as depicted on the graph is information about the diverse range of education, career and life events as part of my life experience. The graph is placed on past events and memorable crisis and development. It covers my well-being and health, all the circumstances that I have gone through all my life and the recent life events that have enabled me to identify my stress, potential factors that can bring about change and the referral issues. The graph is also a good description showing my physical and mental health, the sources of pressure that I have been undergoing through, and the specific actions and transitions that I underwent as a way of managing the stressing moments. The graph illustrates a normal lifeline and events that occurred at the good times and also the predictable life crisis of an adult. Low points represent the transitions of time and events that led to some major distress and the transitions recovery that followed later. Some experiences were very traumatic as they involved some other problems of failing to with the changes that could have led to changes in achieving positive goals in life with a vision for the future.

Traumas and success begin while starting school where I came to realize the importance of learning and having an education. I was faced with a lot of distress while starting school, which was also accompanied by abusive fellow students. Challenges included such as poor performance in my exams. I went through some transition, especially when I got a good teacher who mentored me and gave me the purpose of having a higher education with the idea that higher education being important has become more and more prevalent in our society. The graph depicts that in some instances I had to go through some multiple transitions which, though they were aimed for a positive change, they also produced some cumulative deterioration in well-being as in some instances I was unable to recover before another change. After my college education I engaged into a serious relationship that led to marriage, meaning that I was at my good times because I also got a new job, but like five years later, I had a separation from my marriage. I felt as if it was a dismissal of daily life role that I was used to as a husband. This happened at my lowest point of a transition crisis, and as an emotional trauma that happened while I was learning my new work role in my new job. It was a difficult and distressing moment as I went through a lot of hardship trying to come to terms with the change in happenings in life that was so traumatizing and an extended crisis.

Continuously following the illustrations on the graph and on the period that I was on an extended crisis, some new events occurred which I would consider as some defining moments that triggered my recovery. They include such as first achieving a higher degree course that secondly led to having a new higher position in my workplace. The new events brought a new transition in life that life had to continue and that is where I recovered from the extended crisis that I was in and realized the new key areas that I should start focusing on towards achieving my goals and having a vision for my future. Life became easier than it was earlier as I had benefited from the new transitions which had been enabled by factors such as attaining a degree and higher job position that made me economically and financially stable. The illness that occurred less often also caused some distressing moments but I engaged myself in some good physical fitness and created some quality time that improved my health. The most important is that after getting the new job, I had a supportive work environment that had good team morale, high respect, and control in a culture, and respect on the life-work boundaries.


The graph enables to reflect on the main key events, the recall of good times and moments when my life was faced with distress. I came to understand human life involves a process of development, change, adaptation, and growth. Evident from the graph, it is clear that provisional occasions mark important events in a time when our life's course is significantly changed. Distressing events highly affect an individual's life course. To support the individual transition, it is important to engage in activities such as monitoring the issues, having some career planning, valuing the past, having some personal counseling, and recognizing new ideas. Personal counseling strategies, build a focus on the key factors that help in the transition and the establishment of self-identity.

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