High School vs College Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-03

In our daily activities, we face a lot of challenges and situation as we get along with our lives. Therefore, this situation and changes impact are felt in people attending high school and colleges definitely a result of changes that come along with it. Most people fail to realize that high school and colleges have various difference as well as the similarities. You will find out, not only that the individual's experiences changes but also environment and works involved are changing. It is normal to conclude things such as work and people are constant.

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Furthermore, most college and high school work seem to many similarities in a way. For example, Works such as critical thinking involved in class in high school, comprise of writing the wrong sentence and correct them to be right. In Highschool, this kind of writing was done in English Class. Whereas in college, the student finds a problem from any kind of principle and criticize it to provide a viable solution and answers.

Time management is a critical aspect of view that threatens each and every person. It is common to likely to find yourself spending a lot of time on particular kind of work or spend many hours on a task that could have been completed in the during the course of the day. For instance, a person can be caught up hooked to video games or even watching or listening to the music where you should be concerned about writing a paper. It is evident that involvement in this kind of tedious task can cause breakdown to those in colleges.

High school usually fall into minority category when it comes to a group of interacting and hanging out together. High school and college show similarities in some particular aspect. As such, if someone participates in co-curriculum activities, they will spend more time interacting with each other. It common to find them talking about each other referring to common experiences situations or share a bond that no any other person has. The same case and experiences are plainly manifested in high school. Comedians student can be able to draw a group of students with the same and common interest.

Hospitality usually differentiates between high school and college students. When a person is at home and going to school, a parent is responsible for cooking shopping and making sure their do their homework. In contrary, in college, you ought to do everything by self. Things such as Landry its personal responsibilities to do. Rarely do you find most students doing the laundry? Maturity seems to increase as people adapt to new living style that is based on your own and personal choice, preference, and decision.


In most case, high school is where a student finds fun and explore different duties, whereas college is the place to put the thing together for the purpose of attaining a degree. There is a difference between high school and college in terms of recommendation. In High School, the tutor reaches out to the student and even give direction in the academic area of responsibility. The tutor will even discuss with the student about their performance and press on student success. In contrary, in college, everything seems different. Lecture could be known in the last days of the semester. Rescheduling of time is common to suit lecturer availability for the course unit.

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