High School Graduation Speech Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-11

Many of us wished there had been a skip button when we first started high school. But now I wish there was a way to rewind. It's hard to believe that my high school experience is over. To prove that we are special, we don't need trophies or awards. All of us are gifted with talents that are worthy of being praised. We have all made mistakes during our school years. Apart from stealing someone's boyfriend/girlfriend. Let's not go into detail. However, the truth is that our failures are just as important than our successes. Let's not strive to be perfect. It's better to make mistakes than be perfect. We are grateful to our teachers and parents for allowing us the freedom to make mistakes. We are imperfect people because of you. Although I didn't learn from every mistake, they helped me grow. Ten hours later, I realized that giving a graduation speech was not the best thing for me. However, right now I am killing it. Teachers, we are grateful for your dedication to all students. It has made us realize that being the first in line is not a death sentence. We are grateful for your understanding that dogs can eat everything, from homework to assignments.

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As a freshman in high school, we didn’t know who we were. We didn't know who we were. In the eyes of others, we would seek out our true identity. This is not something you can Google. We have spent the past 17-18 years trying to find ourselves. You can google it but be sure to turn on safe search first. You never know what you might find. Thank you for helping me find the answer to my question about who I am. Teachers, you make every part of the earth laugh even though it has been crying. All of us have scars and all of us have broken pieces. The beauty of it all is when they come together to make you. All of this is about to open up new chapters in your book. Let's turn the page together. You're ready for anything life throws at you. We are old enough that we can make our own decisions. You are old enough to set an example for your children. We are old enough to handle any situation that life throws at our way.

We are the Class 2020, and we will leave this planet better than we found. I didn't know that I would one day be making the last memories with my friends. One day, I would be eating lunch at the cafeteria for my last time. One day, my memories will disappear until I find an old photo that reminds me of them. One day, I will close my locker and walk out of high school. I will be ready to leave high school one day. We all know that nothing lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever. Even though I love new beginnings, I hate endings. Although it's difficult to leave behind a familiar environment, endings are inevitable. As they say, "leaves fall and the book closes." I will not miss going to school on time or walking the halls between classes. The people are what I will miss most. We don't know where our lives will lead us in five years. However, we have some control over our destiny. Although it is sad to see all of this go, it's gratifying to know that there are more opportunities.

All of the 2020 Class, I wish you all the best. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. We will all be different after high school, and we never know if we may even meet. But I am happy to know that each of you can achieve anything you desire. Although I don't know where you'll end up, I'm certain it will be amazing.

High School Graduation Speech

My fellow classmates, teachers, and administrators, good evening. Hara Nekkanti is my name. I am a Kleinburg Public School graduate and a Kleinburg resident. It doesn't matter how much gratitude and comfort is extended to my teachers, staff, and classmates, it won't be enough. Graduation is an important part of my life. It fills the gap in my life and can be cherished as a fond memory. This evening is more than about graduation. It is about acknowledging accomplishments and continuing to struggle no matter what.

My family has undoubtedly helped me to become the person that I am today. I was blessed with encouragement. They encouraged me to work harder than I wanted, push myself to the limits until my goals and dreams are realized. Kleinburg Public School is more than a school. It is a school everyone loves and filled with many years of memories. Even though this was my first year at Kleinburg Public School, I have many wonderful memories that will remain in my mind. It is evident how much this school loves to be involved in many clubs and sports. Ms. Anile was a great person to deal with all my problems throughout the year and to not send me to the office as often as she should. Respect and perseverance are the next points I want to make. Respect and perseverance are two of the things I have learned to use throughout the year. Steve Jobs' "Your time is short so don't waste yours living another's life" is one of my favourite quotes. This quote is a favorite of mine because it refers to another quote, "Don't be a follower, be a leader". It tells us to be who you want to become and not follow others.

I still have to master the art of listening and inclusiveness. For everything, in class and outside of class, listening is essential. You sport-lovers out there will know that if you had 5 seconds to make a play to win a game, the coach would call for timeout. However, you would need to listen in order to help the coach. Even if your interest is not in learning, listening will make you a better player in the future. Although there was always a dispute over who got the basketball court at recess time, it would not be a problem if everyone played together. This is something everyone needs to work on in their lives. Stop looking at people as separate and start to see each other as one. We are all one, and nothing can separate us as long as we remain united.

Last, but not least, I want to express my gratitude to Ms.Anile and Mr.Herbert, Ms.Mischenko and Mr. Morandi as well as the custodians, staff, and everyone else who brought me joy this year. These people were able to help me learn from my mistakes and become a leader by following my own path. I have a lot of gratitude for my friends. They helped me to not change me and to be true to myself. This year was filled with ups and downs. I will never forget this year.

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