Applying For Scholarship

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Date:  2021-03-10

I am writing in application for a scholarship to help me pursue a MS Finance and Equity at London School of Economics for 2016-2017 academic year. Pursuing a MS Finance and Equity at London School of Economics would be an incredible opportunity for me but my financial disability is my main hindrance. I obtained a BS in Economics and a minor in International Business at Arizona State University in 2007. Despite struggling with financial hardship to acquire my BS in Economics and a minor in International Business I have consistently proven in my past studies that when offered an opportunity I always work to attain my level best to get the best and also reward those who have offered me the chance.

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Studying Business and Economics has helped me to develop a strong desire to enrol for the Master's programme at London Economic School. Upon attaining master's will able to find a job of my dream to help me make effective impacts upon business and economic decisions globally. I have attained great experience where during my studies I did my first internship at the Arizona Department of Commerce in the International Trade and Investment Division during September-December in 2006. My second internship was at the US Department of Commerce in the International Trade Administration during May-August in 2007.

During my studies I faced with a very difficult situation in my life where my mother was diagnosed a very aggressive form of cancer but despite my family's support she died right before my graduation. My mother was a business entrepreneur and always supported and encouraged me to continue pursuing my dream. After my graduation, I got an appointment of a Portfolio Compliance Analyst at ING Investments which gave me the exposure to interact with all fields within an investment company and helped me to make a decision about the next step in my career. In the year 2013 I enrolled for the obtainment of master's program on investments at the University Complutense in partnership with Madrid Stock Market IEB in Spain. Upon obtaining my master's programme at IEB 2014 I moved back to USA. I started to work at XE-Euronet in July 2014 and after 5-6 months in a trading position the CFO offered me a back office position based in the USA but with a required continued training in London.

During my studying and work, I have possessed such competencies as leadership, project management, interpersonal collaboration, and team working in my professional pathway and am inspired by new challenges because it empowers me to be a high-quality specialist. Presently, my aim is to participate in the MS Finance and Equity at London School of Economics for 2016-2017 academic year because I strongly believe that it will help me to increase my knowledge in economics and become a better economist in the future. It also gives me top knowledge, good theoretical base, and experience in order to be a high-quality expert and find a job of my dream.

I am looking forward to your reply to my application for the programme.

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