Essay Example on Engaging Students With Work Stations to Build Literacy Skills

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Date:  2023-03-28

The vignette of using work stations in literacy skills s to engage the students in activities by forming small groups of students. Wendy Hayes uses these stations to provide simple instructions to students with varying reading achievements or levels. This means that such stations make the students occupied and quiet because they are provided with reading skills. Even though Wendy sometimes believes that independent time is productive for students, especially when they are soft, she helps to assess the thinking processes or strategies. The reason behind this move is that appearance can be deceiving and so she uses observable behaviors to engage the students. In other words, implementing work stations leads improves the instructions given to students. After all, it has less destruction and interruptions because people are working in a small group.

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When hired as a first-grade teacher and am supposed to use the reading comprehension workshop for community helpers, one thing I will ensure is to set up a station. The first step is to make sure that the walls in my classroom have the theme to teach by having walls that align with the projection of teaching. The best way is by having charts displayed on the walls that show about the community and how people should help each other. In the same place, a schedule, messages and words will also be written to assist the kids in reading while they are listening to me. I will also add colored stickers that have pictures of communities that show people helping each other.

Besides this, the stations will have a board that has characters with pictures for storytelling. Kids learn faster when something comes like a story. The chairs that will be will be rocking to enable the children to read independently and together. The station will also consist of manipulative materials for printing and reading. This will make sure that every lesion is displayed as well as the activities that will be assigned to the kids. Also, to ensure that the kids learn better, I will use technology to access digital texts to give the kids information on the class website. The room will also have a writing station as an extension by putting a round table to allow the students to meet with me. The reason behind setting this station is to let the kids be free with me and that they have the time to ask me questions without fear.


The best way to wrap up a lesson is by having a goodbye song. However, literacy is used to end the session by asking questions to see if the kids learned something. In most circumstances, it involves asking random questions by either writing or showing pictures to kids for them to answer. The importance bout this part is that kids get to understand deeply because what is being asked is a repetition of what they are taught. Also, kids are given work to do at home to see if they understood anything. Lastly, literacy can be used in the form of a song to ensure that kids sing it on their way home. Sometimes teachers can ask the kids to go back and teach the parents. As a result, the kids end up understanding more. When they return for the next lesson, they will connect easily with what they were taught last.

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