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The United States Border Patrol mission statement is to detect and even prevent terrorist, illegal aliens, and the terrorist's weapons that include mass destruction weapons from entering the U.S (Salter, 2002). USBP severs over 100, 000, 000 individuals across the borders of the United States. The organization offers different services to the people including preventing an individual from entering the United States illegally or even bringing things that are illegal or harmful to the country and it prevents the illegal trafficking of individuals and contraband.

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The institution has about 20,000 agents border patrol manpower across the country. The southwest part has the highest number of agents amounting to about 17,000 while the northern border has about 2, 800 agents as the coastal border have about 200 agents. The organization is big and it operates in all the three borders of the United States to ensure that the citizens are protected from any harm that might be caused by terrorists of illegal aliens. USBP has about 20 Border Patrol Sectors where a Chief Patrol Agent head each sector.

The affiliations that the United States Border Patrol has includes United States Customs and Border Protection and the United States Department of Homeland Security. Over the years, the two institutions have ensured that USBP delivers to the citizens of the United States. They have ensured that USBP achieves its objectives including apprehending terrorists, deterring illegal entries, usage of the smart border technology, and reducing crime in the border communities. The two institutions have also supported USBP in ensuring that smugglers of drugs and humans are detected, apprehended, and deterred.

USBP has a goal of developing and maintaining rule of law. The moral value that is exhibited by the organization as it accomplishes its mission is protecting the basic moral rights of individuals is ensuring that the United States citizens are safe by not allowing terrorists or illegal aliens in the country (Salter, 2002). They also ensure that terrorist weapons do not enter the country. Furthermore, the organization ensures that every citizen has high confidence with the Federal Government by performing its moral value.

United States Border Patrol obtains its funding from the government. In the United States, the Border Patrol is regarded as one of the biggest enforcement agencies (Salter, 2002). The government has always funded the organization and in the financial year of 2017, the United States Congress endorsed a budget $3,805,253,000 to help in the Border Patrol operations. Also, the organization is funded by the government since it is a Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Thus, Congress grants its budget on a yearly basis in ensuring that the organization performs its assigned tasks efficiently.

I chose the United States Border Patrol because I have always admired the way it delivers its services to American citizens. The organization has played an essential role in the borders of ensuring that terrorists do not enter the country to cause harm to the people. Furthermore, as much as the organization controls the entry of immigrants at the borders, it ensures that they are safe and even saves the lives of the injured individuals.


Salter, D. W. (2002). The Border Patrol. San Jose [Calif.: Writers Club Press.

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